Cannot connect to server - check your IP/Port configuration

Im having an issue. I try to connect to my server and it looks like the dedicated server loads like normal but at the end, after it says START GAME it says Match End Countdown..., then it says cannot connect to server
-check your IP/Port configuration.

before tribes next i had no problem hosting my own server. but for some reason im suddenly having problems.


  • The message you are receiving is from the master list server indicating that the port your game sever is not responding as a Tribes 2 server.

    Are you behind a NAT router? (Chances are, yes, you are.) If so, did you forward port 28000 on UDP to the system on the LAN running the server?

    If you still have problems after adding the port forward on your NAT router, check your firewall too, and add an exception for the port and/or application.
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