Tribes 2 Ultimate collection V2

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have seen my post about creating a new tribes 2 collection. For those interested I'm still searching for more to material to add. My goal is to make a pack that has everything still available for Tribes 2. So if anyone has more to add to the pack please let me know: [email protected]
But in anycase for now I have a pack assembled for the people interested. I do have to appologize for the mess the pack stil is, I simply don't have the time to sort everything into perfect order.
So there can be doubles in the pack, but I've tried to keep it to a minimum.
In anycase, here's the link to the pack. (Here you can download either the skins, maps or mods of the complete pack in a seperate rar file.)

The Mega links below is the complete collection.!rAYwjTiD!HfieMHBkh7CBHMAmBe6C3CivzWcBXEMhMamu-2BPKeQ - part1!3NwSED7L!oprPkMBroIMlU80yflifCDObXJ9VWOFUVzAyHMIqq4s - part2!yY5ERChK!ictalojIw_mFb8P1qQak4Zu9lYrrSOyHW_sqqeb9bIU - part3!DQYgnLCb!VYn0LaNb1jz2aJ7BeI4dxOG6bVewlVeYAxZ8SJ4DVw8 - part4!HF5gxYbC!d_DqGzT0DIoT4h_6gb50MYHvXwInSeE8S8PFbxPtzuI - part5!rBBU0CKB!SI0in0SMjYe2lNM4kQCXAHG5xHrfesAOUx6qxY8EtaA - part6!7BgQjDoY!NdEkFI_NkiEjcFHKmQpO_DSKMfW4Jy7SRNZddxjbLvI - part7!SBoyQI6A!VQnq1jgLTBMVJh56_smqTOmZsA8KLTt9Qyd8lsM3mF0 - part8!XRxU2BwI!IbRGPmfDexZAWifBLp3YZXjF6ZlCpde8TO7bvYXHSQI - part9!HJBjiR5J!w-WCb9Sy9FPmll4XVOJJw8eNj4bj5A-RXUpdJZ4fy6k - part10!jZgDDShL!0rgIs_Jq5T-_NzHydSkVz1h4-NVfJ355dVvd_YJ6ioQ - part11!HBwTwYjZ!A63tA4CVfHvJdXPeKMLmkbh2gZPKgbdYEx8i1ab2Nyk - part12!DF4xnCbL!RP5twM8_RNh-aZ8b-zmC0_2PxIzajbopZPfMmH7IfwU - part13!3VAxlAxa!vSoV8Klxefn_VgafyU3h0FUNegMQE-6ECIDzXmDxIz8 - part14!DVpUkJBJ!k6Ev2VO8z47oDcExE0c-YSUOc-17_i_-4JR7LEBUl00 - part15!eUpFxZ7Z!3957Ti76WLVy0M4oiJ3hAcymG7ywjQnw8u2l_OUzuNs - part16!KB5x0YYZ!UN70Zy67-IXB0s0qPIt_QgdAxqniHNhccCzc-ePaoIQ - part17!bQ5S0YQb!mw1fMqClgti1G7kwfqrjz8PvkXRcpo6hSGDkQHHwZoQ - part18!zcxnFKQL!tcq19tg53myBPEZBK3GV7H6XQ78tY9juaGfQRehZl8A - part19!3M4zXKaS!zmA-FX4MBCX9H2deosFlolnRtN7yre2Gt3gW_x3FaCk - part20!bcp03bZQ!Er48lN7FT-yMf6EaCtS7smzliMBXRe--bTyvG9X8ufo - part21

I also added a few downloads with just the mods for example. If you download all the files of the entire pack then you don't need to download the individual files. They are included.
So again if anyone has still more to add, please let me know so I can add it and create an updated pack. This pack contains all that I've been able to collect up until now, and it's a lot I think.
So everyone happy Tribesing! :D

Kind regards,


  • Woah, that's a looot of stuff. I suppose a lot of time went into making that pack. Would you mind creating a .txt of everything that's in there, or maybe the most important stuff? I need to see what's in it before I get it, since it's a huge download.
  • Here's a txt file to try and give you a rough idea of what's in the pack. It really is just to much to put everything on the text file. I simply don't have the time for that. But I hope this helps a little.
    It did take a lot of time to find and download everything I've been able to dig up indeed. But it was worth it. Though it's sad how few tribes websites there still are. I've come across so many tribes websites that simply don't exist anymore. A real shame I think at least.
    In any case I hope I've been of some help. If anyone wishes to know something more specific of the pack, a file or what ever, don't hesitate to ask. I try to answer as quickly as possible.

    Kind regards,
  • can you make zip files with 1 or 2 gig size that i coud download them fast
  • Where is part two of the RARs?
  • Hello everyone,

    Sorry I haven't fixed the issue with part 2 missing. I honestly don't know what happened to it. I do thank the people that mailed about it, even though it still took me a long time to read the emails. In any case I have repacked the collection into 2 gb Rar files and I'm uploading them to Mega. I hope people will be able to download the complete pack faster that way. The upload is in progress as we speak, I'm not sure how long it will take for the upload to finish because my internet provider is busy with maintenance. In any case I hope to have it uploaded and ready within the next 24 hours. It's 16:50 for me now and every upload seems to take about 30 min or so at the moment. So I don't think it'll finish uploading 21 rar files today. At least my day. But I'll update the main post as soon as possible (I promise it won't take more than 24 hours if nothing happens with the upload speed.)

    Again I want to say sorry for the rar files not being complete.
    Kind regards,

    PS. The two rar files besides the complete pack (mods and the other one) will still be hosted on the dropbox. They don't fit on the mega account. >.>
  • It did take a lot of time to find and download everything I've been able to dig up indeed. But it was worth it. Though it's sad how few tribes websites there still are. I've come across so many tribes websites that simply don't exist anymore. A real shame I think at least.

    What sites are still active in some way?

    Here's the only places I really know about.. (still quite a bit of posting going on, mostly just for T1 - not much love for T2 there) (pretty much the most active forum for people still playing T2, yes they're still out there... but it's not very active) - Australia / NZ tribes community. Still active posts every day. Gearing up for Midair. - original site died, came back, died again and returned again.. the forums have SOME activity, but very minimal for tribes. For those unaware I managed to convince one of the old TWL admins to give me access to the FTP with all the old match recordings on it and Hobbz has them hosted, still mostly unsorted though) (some activity, but not much) - pretty much where all the Ascend players hang out lamenting how quickly their game died and hoping for a return to the 'good old days' of tribes in 2012-2013 ;) (I think this was the French communities hub which is still running but the forum has been dead for years it seems - apart from my post a few days ago about searching for T2WC recordings the next newest post is from late 2015 so I don't hold out hope of finding much there) (Hard to say but this may be where the existing Italian tribes community resides - still quite a bit of life in the non-tribes forums... and I got a pretty quick reply to my request for T2WC demos)
  • Active ones? There aren't that many anymore. I am however sorry but I can't provide you with more websites because I don't actually saved the websites. I didn't think about saving the websites. All I've been doing is using google and search for anything related to tribes 2. But I think the websites you've mentioned are about the only active ones left. There really aren't many anymore. There are still websites that are being hosted and still provide download links, but they don't have an active form or website updates. So all I can suggest is try to search for tribes 2 websites in google. I'm sure you'll still find some websites, but I seriously doubt any active ones. I don't really remember seeing that many.
    Sorry I can't be of more use on this subject.

    Kind Regards,
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