• Blindkilla is a very angry person.
    teratos arent you supposed to be promoting ascension or something? lol keep up the good work there.
  • Play Ascension!

    It's so good, it'll even turn Blindkilla into a nice, literate person.
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    BLAH, BLAH, and more HOT AIR

    I don't claim to be the best at anything anymore, after 7 or so years of playing I've come to realize that it's really just a game to enjoy and screw around with your buddies while drinking beer and whiskey.

    As for you Kryand, I don't know what is really wrong with you exactly but maybe you could adjust your medication a bit and lay off the arrogance a bit more, you'd realize that the community can't afford to have many players with ideas such as yours driving away new blood because they aren't 'good' at playing a video game.

    Another person I've been told about and studied his posts is Teratos; guy is probably not the best person to have as a PR guy for this new game called Asecension (the game will likely never be finished) because you both tend to smother other people because they don't subscribe to the same tribes newsletter you do. You Kryand, along with a few select others on these forums unfortunately are the most vocal which is really a shame because the first posts the new folks usually see are yours.

    Now Kryand, I know you aren't going to change one little bit, and I'll probably get the hell flamed out of me for writing this, but who cares - in the end you are barely old enough to buy alcohol anyway, maybe if you put forth better efforts to get sex more often then telling everyone how 'great' you are at a video game, maybe you'd come across a little more personable.

    As far as I'm concerned Houston Vehicles it's community, and players still loyal to BASE style of play will still be around waiting for the next best thing from the tribes universe.


    For all the BASE players or folks interested in playing a different flavor of Tribes 2 please send me a PM for ideas and suggestions on how we can make something happen. As the head honcho of the HV community I realize that other servers were here first and we'll have to try hard to get people to play on our server but what the heck, at least a little better than listening to these trolls all day.

    |HV| TerraNova
    HV Admin and Community Leader
  • Play Ascension!

    It's so good, it'll even turn Blindkilla into a nice, literate person.
    play Ascension!

    Thank god the only thing teratos has to do with it is the PR lets hope it stays that way. This sounds much better doesnt it.
  • The bottom line is HV is and always was a server for newbies. The only good players who ever played there only did it to beat up on newbs who couldn't fight back - pretty much what I am doing with blindkilla in this thread. I assure you that most people I get in wars with on forums are at least somewhat competent human beings - but after seeing this thread remain unlocked past the first thread, I couldn't help myself. Owning a newb on TribesNext is a delicacy. :)

    Furthermore, literally everyone who insisted on playing base after every good player moved on to classic (and I do mean every good player) is also terrible. There may have been a few stragglers who took longer that others and still turned out ok, but in this day and age, pretty much anyone with Tribes experience can tell you that classic develops your skills much more efficiently that base, and as a result, classic players are better than base players. Period. That's pretty much the only point I was trying to make in this thread, but after seeing blindkilla beg for me to own the shit out of him, I decided to rip into him for as long as possible. It's kinda like playing a single player video game with cheats. Sure challenges are great, but sometimes you just want to mess around with absolutely no chance of defeat, because that's fun too.

    Anyway, I see in blindkilla's last response that he decided to say a bunch more stupid shit that he pulled out of his ass with absolutely no supporting information. As much fun as it would be to laugh at how stupid he is some more, sometimes these single player cheats just get old. Sadly, he's not even the dumbest person I've destroyed in a thread (the Rebels guys are quite hard to beat in that respect), but he's definitely in the running for most inept. From what I can tell blindkilla has the support of his fellow dumb scrubs like terranova, and I have the support of pretty much every competent person. Since dumb scrubs don't really deserve an opinion, it's safe to say GG.

  • Now lets talk about saving the world.
  • Now lets talk about saving the world.

    I'm not in the mood to save the world, the pay isn't that great anyway...

    What I would like to save however is the glimmer of hope that Tribes will bounce back in the limelight and we can enjoy packed communities like before. Both mod camps can go back and play what they like and stop bickering over player real estate, because that's all we have left to fight for right now. Kryand and his insecure buddies can yell all they like about who has the bigger pecker, but I persoanlly wouldn't in a room full of guys like this place.

    If that's your thing to impress other men - by all means don't let me stop you 'classic is better' guys from circle jerking each other. :)

    |HV| TerraNova
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    Dude be honest the only thing you ever owned was a spit rag so your mommy could wipe your chin before the drool hit the floor. Or maybe it was a few dresses so teratos could feel like he was with a woman for once.

    War son lol so that what it is with you maybe thats your problem.Seems to me you end up in alot of wars with alot of people dont you.Wow 21 with so many anger issues dude really get some help.I am just stating the facts you seem to overlook
    or little mind can not comprehend.

    Only thing I think you destroyed here is a few more of your brain cells and any sort of credibility if you had any to begin with.Keep up the good work man.I am sure TWL and classic has some great players your just not one of them.

    Funny I still havent seen you or your alias on goons and you still never said who it was now did you. I mean you cant be afraid of us newbs now can you?

    Yeah man I am just in awe of all your support here and everywhere else lol. Now go on have teratos change your diapers eat some chewable vitamins and come back when you grow a pair or maybe in your case wipe the sand loose thats been wedged up there so long a pearl maybe forming.

    thank you and have a nice day.
  • man blindkilla is stupid
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    man blindkilla is stupid
    ha ha I was waiting for you to post I mean you share the same little mind.Really thats the best you can do go back to the TWl forums and post something will ya.Maybe someone there cares but I doubt it. Must be hard work sticking up for your little buddy krymore.
    Now lets talk about saving the world.
    I am getting rid of people like these is a small but first step.
  • I've been playing this game casually since the release of Tribes 2 and never got to play Tribes 1, so when base++ and classic were released I didn't know what all the hype was about. Even though I do prefer quicker gameplay(quake 2 instagib with lightningfast grappling hook anyone?) I also believe that we competitive players need to be more welcoming to the few noobs we're fortunate enough to receive. Especially with a game this old.

    Maybe I'm just repeating a little of what Terra said except without the jab at Kry, but when TribesNext resurrected Tribes 2 I got the feeling that we, as a community, should, at the very least, avoid scaring away potential new prey by yelling hurtful things to them.

    I didn't mean to write a long, drawn out post, but it saddens me to see gaming moving in the direction it currently is. Shooters are becoming so dumbed down and shallow that even the most noob player can, by luck, score kills against the hardcore, competitive veteran. So, I'm not against being a skillful and knowledgeable gamer, but I feel we should tread carefully on the bodies of what could be a whole new generation of Tribes players.
  • yo blindkilla when i was on vsto we were tops on the base ladder as a team comprised from classic players and none of us ever ever really took our matches seriously, practiced, or bothered using valid tactics. base players are awful children.
  • *inserts random Pokemon song*

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  • Honestly I don't even view blindkilla as a person. It's more like one of those forum bots that takes any paragraph you say and tries to turn it around, then adds in a couple insults from a text file someone downloaded from It's just mind-boggling how a person can be that stupid and still figure out how to use a computer - though judging from how he types, he's still got a ways to go on that one. Maybe someone should update his software so the bot can at least come off as maybe 12-year-old level intelligence instead of 7-year-old level intelligence. Though, that won't change the fact that everything he says is so funny and wrong.

    I have never insulted a genuine, regular newb. I always offer all the help I can. The only people I insult are newbs who do not believe that they are newbs, and therefore try to disagree with me as if they have even 1/10th the knowledge or experience to question anything I say. It's like a guy in biology class trying to argue with a doctor about medicine. One approach is to ignore you, and the other is to entice you to make more and more stupid statements and make fun of you because you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I always enjoy the latter.
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    Funny thing is this no argument at all.This is the typical kryand forum post and If you had any sense at all you would know that I was the one who enticed you into making the same stupid statements you post 99% of the time.Unlike you I like alot of mods classic,Base,Shifter,Siege,Construction etc.Unlike you I dont call people noobs or idiots for playing something different that they may enjoy.It is people with your mind set that are killing what player base we have now because of your lunatic rantings.The fact that you state that you never insulted a genuine regular newb proves my point.Perhaps you should look at some of your older posts.Your to stupid to see I am not even having a classic base debate here its old news been done so many times before.I have no problem with classic and most classic players.I do have a problem with people like you who bitch and moan when somebody doesnt play the same mods you play or the same way you do.

    I really do feel sorry for the TWL league and the good players over there.I really dont see it getting much larger with you and your little band of followers over there.I will hope for the best but I fear the worst has already happened.

    If we were do do comparisons.I really dont view you as a real person either.To me your more like a stray little dog.Ya know you kinda feel sorry for it so you feed him.So he comes back the next day so you feed him again.Then maybe you get a stick and play fetch with him.No matter how far you throw the stick he keeps bringing it back to you.So you let him in your yard for awhile.Then his little pack of pals show up sniff his ass try to hump him till you havta turn the hose on them.

    He then will try to mark his territory by taking a crap in your yard.You still feel a bit sorry for him so you might let him in your house.In the meantime maybe some of his little pack might come back in your yard and actually eat his crap because well thats what dumb dogs do.This dog will sit there and bark all day and bark all night at nothing because he was never trained properly.A few things could happen to this dog.You might have to get him newterd in hopes he will stop all the barking and calm down.Then again maybe there is no hope for him he starts foaming at the mouth because he is rabid thats when unfortunately we havta put this dog down.
  • man blindkilla is (really) stupid
  • If no one has mentioned it yet, Classic players are superior (to all other players).
    FYI for you llamas out there.
  • man blindkilla is (really) stupid
    lol you keep eating the crap little doggy.
    If no one has mentioned it yet, Classic players are superior (to all other players).
    FYI for you llamas out there.
    keep trying man maybe one day you will be half as good as you think you are.
  • when will this get locked? man, this is retarded.
  • when will this get locked? man, this is retarded.
    I'd say now is a good stopping point.
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