.zip to a .vl2?

Hey im having a little trouble here, some files i download are a .zip, is there anyway i can make them a .vl2? I have tried renaming then with a .vl2 at the end but that doesnt seem to work. Please tell me how to fix this problem if you know ;D


  • Have you tried just unzipping them? If the downloaded file isn't a vl2 then it probably isn't supposed to be a vl2.
  • just change the .zip file extension to .vl2

    Check inside the zip file first to make sure the .vl2 isn't alread in there.
  • Open My Computer (Computer if you are in Vista), select "Tools" in the menu and click "Foldier Options". Select the "View" tab, scroll down, and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types". You can now change the file extensions for files.
  • WOW, thanks to the last reply, that worked!
  • Another way you could do this is to just download a trail of

    Izarc Archiver it includes almost any file format you should ever need to handle and works like a charm!
  • It's really evil that Windows hides extensions by default. The first thing I do with any new system is turn that "feature" off so I can see the real names of files.
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    Hey how come when you go to program files and you look at a game say tribes you see file extensions then?

    although i running Windows Home Premuim or something sp2 or 3 or whatever. i just use Winrar for my file extensions but there are many other archivers

    Winrar is safe and has nice built in features yet. Izarc archiver has more file extensions it can open and play around with

    almost done aquiring the tribes 2
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