whats wrong with this file?

i decided it would be cool if i could make my own skins for stuff, but unfortunatly the files arent working. it was just a test folder but if someone can tell me how to work it that would be nice. its a .vl2 i changed it from a normal folder to a .zip and from a .zip to a .vl2 i have a program that can open it and it looks like this when opened
i put it in the tribes 2/game data/base folder but it doesnt appear on the game
is there something wrong with the .vl2 file i made? if someone could tell me what i messed up i could do some pretty awesome things on tribes 2 :P


  • replace all the underscores("_") with periods(".")

    they should work then.
  • thanks! its actually working now and im making my own files for tribes 2, all of them so far have worked. ;D
  • no problem, it's nice to be helpful for once =D
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