A Petition to Ban Mortar Turrets from Goons Haven

In order to improve gameplay and spur positive growth for developing Tribes players I am starting this petition to have mortar turrets removed from the Goons Haven Servers. I cite the following reasons for this conclusion:

1. On most maps with less players it is nearly impossible to destroy the mortar turrets if someone is flaring for them. This encourages less interpersonal combat which is bad for gameplay and player development.

2. In games with more players, the defensive players are often killed by their own turrets! Especially on maps where the turret can fire on the flag this is a common event.

3. The mortar turret is fundamentally overpowered on maps where there are multiple turrets that overlap in range. Unfortunately, this is many of the maps in the current Goons rotation.

There are many other reasons to ban mortar turrets, but I think the most important reason is to encourage players to battle each other to develop their skill sets. I think we can agree that it doesn't take any skill or ingenuity to put a mortar barrel on a turret and stand there and flare.


  • Well, I'm new to this so my opinion might not count for much, but it seems like a team (or player) that decides to put on a mortar turret barrel is sacrificing the ability to farm outside their own base. That mortar is going to fire on any enemy it sees and the splash damage is going to kill all of the teams spike turrets, clamp turrets and remote stations in the vicinity. A mortar turret is a compromise, and part of the game. I see to reason to get rid of it.
  • A mortar turret is a compromise, and part of the game. I see to reason to get rid of it.
    Should 1 player out of a team of 20-30 be allowed to decide on a compromise like that?
  • this is in the wrong section...
  • Here's a great solution when there's a mortar turret raping your turret farm:
    1. Get a heavy or medium armour
    2. get a turret barrel besides mortar
    3. put that barel on the offending utrret

    problem solved ;D
  • well this could encourage more people to get in Vent and use voice chat.

    Or you could vote the member off who is putting them on. Let your team decide.
  • This is never going to happen lol
    You need to learn how to take them out..thats all i have to say.
  • then it wouldnt be spam heaven anymore
  • edited November 2009
    My LOGICAL replies...no offense:

    1) I can see you have just about never really played on defense. It is living hell trying to defend even a single turret of any type. Mortars usually have a tiny advantage of slightly longer range, but they're certainly in no way even near invincible. They're actually pretty easy to take out with missile launchers and are often some of the first type of turrets taken out. That's one of the reasons I wish mods had more players... so that many of these problems can be fixed.

    2) Well, I have 2 answers for you here: First, sacrifices must be made for the defense of the flag! You're really selfish if you don't think so...seriously. And second, why not...you know...DISABLE THE GAH DANG TEAM DAMAGE!!! SIMPLE! Tribes 2 is unique in that the team damage off only applies to the TEAM and NOT yourself, so you can mortar the crap out of yourself while your team and team equipment(partially) are safe.

    Team damage has been a problem in all FPS games, yet only Tribes 2 has the means to fix it, YET IT ISN'T used! WTF! In Battlefield: 2142, when team damage was off, snipers always started spamming C4 explosives everywhere without getting hurt themselves, and it was completely ridiculous. Now it can be solved and ppl just refuse to!? Why!? To be more realistic? If so, I recommend other games as most of Tribes 2 is almost fantasy at the moment, or even better, JOIN THE ARMY! They always need new recruits, and there's plenty of friendly fire there from what I hear.

    But if you want fun, I suggest turning team damage off. It didn't diminish ANY fun at all. In fact, I've played the funnest games with team damage off... try it if you don't believe me. The mortars tend to be much less useful otherwise. And a game is supposed to be FUN, not necessarily realistic anyway. That's the very definition of a game, may I remind you!

    Besides, it's hard enough trying to stop psychopaths that just go in bases to destroy every last piece of equipment, ignoring all people... without mortaring my own team's stuff. It's a pain in the ass trying to stop these people that like ruining a lot of the fun of the game by just messing around like that. The real battles are to be fought on the battlefield, not struggling to repair the most base necessities yourself while most of your team is screwing around. I haven't played a good fair battle (win or lose, I don't care in a fair battle) since many years!

    Again, this is why I like mods... Tribes 2 was never really that balanced, so mods fix that a lot of the time. Some people have never played T2 mods, and I really do pity them... I don't care the reason, but they're missing out on a lot of fun.

    3) I really don't think the mortar turret is overpowered... it's just about right for its capabilities and range. It can't take out vehicles easily, so just take a bunch of missile loaded guys on a transport, or a bomber to take em all out easily (If you can't, you gotta realize that you suck at piloting, missilery, and/or flaring.). Or, do what a lot of bastards do in-game, JUST KEEP SHOOTING SPINFUSORS AT EM from far away, which I really don't know how to stop except by firing back or sniping them (neither works too great amidst all that needs to be done in defense).

    And also, sometimes your team does so little to defend and MAINTAIN a defense, OR the current defense set up just doesn't work no matter how much anybody tries, that you just have to use brute force and make all turrets mortars. You have to understand, it's not about what you want or what you think will work, it's about what HAS to be done to stop the enemy flag carrier, as well as other enemies, no matter the sacrifice. If the flag gets stolen 3 times in a row, or your whole base and team are being creamed non-stop, with the current defense, IN AIN'T WORKIN (DUH!). And DON'T even think you can rely on your team to pick up the slack!

    Just change the defense (maybe to mortar, maybe not) and keep an eye out to see how often it stops the enemy flag carrier AND enemies, NOT on how many times you're in the way of the turret's job. If you get killed be your own mortar turret, it's doing a dang good job! Honestly, I'd mortar you too if you got in the way of me killing an enemy flag carrier. Understand and learn that you have to make sacrifices for the good of the flag and defense (especially when few are doing anything for it's sake, or they're not doing enough). The flag and gens are more important than your measly little life, and thus, so are the turrets, ESPECIALLY mortar turrets.

    I know many people hate mortar turrets, and they put all that work into setting up a spiderclamp and landspike turret network, but sometimes it just doesn't work enough to stop em... for goodness sake, it's hard enough to stop the flag cappers at the speed they're going. I mean they can outrun any land vehicle and probably all but a shrike (SOMETIMES) when it comes to air vehicles. Even defending by sitting on the flag is not enough sometimes. EVEN tank camping the flag IS NOT ENOUGH at times.

    And an the last part that you mentioned, you are completely wrong. You have to realize that most of your team is made of scumbags(usually tkers and such) and slackers("MUST GET THE FLAG!", etc.). You are dang lucky if you get a good team. They don't wanna learn crap! They wanna have fun however they want.

    You have no idea the amount of skill, ingenuity, and sheer effort to just put a mortar turret barrel on a single turret in the midst of battle (A.K.A. complete chaos). First you gotta try to repair the turret, but that's only if you can get a repair pack before the inventories are all mortared again, and of course before you're instantly mortared on spawning. Second, you gotta keep the turret repaired and defended until your can repair an inventory and live the trip to the inventory and back. With the few flares you have without an ammo pack or a repaired inventory VERY nearby, there's little chance your poor little turret is gonna live long with or without a mortar turret barrel. Oh, and of course, you need power for every little step I mentioned (you can't even mount the barrel on a turret without power).

    I would like to ask you to try ONLY DEFENDING for the next month or the next 50 games (whichever is more games played). FORGET ABOUT GETTING THE ENEMY FLAG. A draw is as good as any win, and MUCH better than a loss. Put up any type of turrets you want at first and try that, but DON'T hesitate to put up all mortar turrets as a last resort. Play variably almost empty and full games, and THEN tell me mortar turrets should be banned. But even then, I'll tell you the same thing.

    Again, no offense... XD ... XP .
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