Mechina Server up for testing!!!!!!!

I am running the mechina mod on my server..
If you want to try the mod or play on a server running it you must install the mod.
the online play link included with the mod did not work for me for some reason. so i made a simple bat file that seems to work ok and you can play the mod.

You can download my bat file here.;12987784;/fileinfo.html

Just unzip it to your tribes2 game data folder. then make a shortcut to your deskttop.. after installing the mechina mod.. double click on the bat to start up the mod..

You can download the,



Version 1.1


Date: 5:51 PM 4/16/04
Tested with Tribes 2 version: 25034


Mechina is a client/server modification that attempts to bring a little of the
Mecha universe to Tribes 2.

Ranging from light assault platforms to heavy siege platforms built to last seemingly
indefinitely in battle, HERCs strike fear into the hearts of every soldier alive.

HERCs come pre-equipped with jump jets and can be customized to carry an array of different
weapon types and specials. Each HERC has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.


- Pre-install Preparation:

It is recommended you use a clean install of Tribes 2. If you have any scripts and you
plan on running a dedicated server, un-install them or un-install Tribes 2 and re-install
it and add the latest patches. Using the default installation options for Tribes 2 is
always best when your dealing with mods because most mods look for Tribes 2 in the default
directory "C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\".

- Installing patches:

It is highly recommended that you do NOT use the auto-update feature of Tribes 2 to
install update patches. Instead go to a website such as
and download the latest patch. Before you install it from your hard drive manually,
make sure you clean your Tribes 2 server of ALL .dso files (see Removing .dso files)
Once that is done, install the patch.

- Removing .dso files:

Best way to delete .dso files is to press your Windows "Start" button, go to
"Find" then click on "Files or Folders..." . In the box labeled "Named" type in
"*.dso" (without quotes). Then in the drop down box labeled "Look in:" , find the
drive Tribes2 in installed on, then click the "Browse" button and find your
C:\Dynamix\Tribes2 folder and select it. Make sure the check box labeled "Include subfolders"
has a check mark in it. Now hit the "Find Now" button, it will list all of the
.dso files in your Tribes 2 installation. Once the search is completed, click on
the menu "File" and then click on "save search". This will save a shortcut of this
search on to your desktop for future use. Now you should select all the files that
came up in the search and delete them.

- Installation:

If you are running a previous version of Mechina, you must first uninstall it. You do
this by using the supplied uninstall program. After you are finished running the uninstall
program, you should go to your "\GameData\mechina\prefs\" folder and back up your
ClientPrefs.cs and controls cs files. Then, delete the "\GameData\mechina\" folder
and also any shortcuts created by the previous install. You are now ready to install
the latest version.

Simply download the Mechina installer and execute it, it will create a shortcut on your
desktop and a folder to your start menu. When Mechina is executed using the supplied
shortcut it automatically deletes base dso files to reduce the possibility of conflicts.


- Installation:

It is recommended you use a clean install of Tribes 2 and delete all *.dso files.
If you are running a previous version of Mechina, you must first uninstall it. You do
this by deleting the "~/.loki/tribes2/mechina/" folder and its contents. You should
first however folder back up your ClientPrefs.cs and controls cs files. You are now
ready to install the latest version.

To install the Mechina mod on a Linux server simply extract the mechina*.tar.gz into
"~/.loki/tribes2/" so that afterwards your path looks like: ~/.loki/tribes2/mechina/
Make sure to let it overwrite exisiting files. We cannot stress the fact enough that
the "/mechina/" folder and subfolders MUST ALL BE IN LOWERCASE LETTERS OR THE MOD WILL NOT RUN!
So make sure all folder names are lowercase and change if they are not.

To run the standalone dedicated Mechina server, pass it the "-dedicated" and "-mod mechina"
command line options, followed by the name of the first map, and the type of game to run.

To start Mechina, you would do the following:

Log in as the user you created to run Tribes 2
cd /path/to/installed/game
./tribes2d -online -mod mechina

You can customize the advanced server settings by editing the file

You can specify the number of bots to run on the command line by using the -bot #
command line option. For example, to use the default map and game type with 10 bots,
you would do the following:

cd /path/to/installed/game
./tribes2d -dedicated -mod mechina -bot 10

If for some reason the server is crashing frequently, you can use the script
"" to automatically restart the dedicated server. This script
will also look for updates on the internet when it starts, to keep your server up to date.

cd /path/to/installed/game
./tribes2d -dedicated -mod mechina

Server Configuration

a) Edit the "mechina.bat" file in the "...\Tribes2\GameData\" directory
and change the default port for ispawn of 28000 if desired.

b) Double click the shortcut that was created during the installation process.
Select the launch mode from the menu. Let Tribes 2 load completely and then quit.
We need to bring the Tribes 2 up and down so Mechina can write some server
and client configuration files.

c) Configure Mechina client and server options by going to your
"...\Tribes2\GameData\mechina\prefs\" directory and opening up the
"ServerPrefs.cs" and "ClientPrefs.cs" files with a text editor

Detailed information

Detailed information about setting up the mod, gameplay and support requests are
available on our website:


  • I had the server up with no problem. for some reason I cant get it to show up in server list any more. will try friday.. in the mean time try to host this mod your self.
  • Hey Defender,
    Nice job in bringing Mechina back, I hope to play it again soon. I was wondering, did you have the .cs files in order to start your mechina server or did you use .dso files. I have the .dso files for Syrinx and was wondering if they could be used to start a Syrinx server.
  • edited January 2009
    I just have DSOs for Mechina. its to bad they don't just post it with .cs files, now thats its been over 6 years after its release.

    If the mod was compiled in to DSOs after the last and final tribes2 patch, it should run..
  • Sorry to resurrect an old thread but...

    Is there any interest in this mod still? Enough to warrant a server? Thanks.
  • Im interested. Is there anyone that doesn't like Mechs?
  • I hosted a mech server last year. Had about 6 or so people playing when I would host it.
    It's a pretty fun mod.
  • Unfortunately the old mechina files aren't playing along with the server... giving me Unhandled Exception errors when I try to run a dedicated server, or the client. This is a mechina specific issue as the same server/install of Tribes 2 is running multiple Tribes 2 mod/classic servers without a hitch -- only the mechina mod pulls UE's.

    I tried getting the server to run on my home PC, and both the client and server work but my residential connection is only 30Mbit down / 3Mbit up, rather than the GigE on the server. *shrug*
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