Old Mod start up

Dumb Question. Can you start a server using .dso files from an old mod or do you need to have the .cs files? I plan to copy of the old mod .dso files onto a fresh install of the fully patched Tribesnext t2 game.


  • if the old mod was made after the last and final tribes2 patch it will run. if not your kinda out of luck.. but you could try deleting the server.dso in the mods folder and force it to run on the updated server.cs.. if the mod maker did not make majer changes in the server.cs it may work..
  • Hmmm...it might be worth a shot. It was made before the last big patch for t2. It is Syrinx by Zod, remember it? I was just curious because I saw where you got Mechina running. I assum you had the .cs files? Do you know Zod by chance?
  • I bet ZOD, modified the server.cs...
    try getting in touch with him.. I think he runs the mechina mod site..
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