TAC2 Fight NIght Reminder

I haven't posted my usual reminders for a while. My employer blocked this site :( So, I haven't had much time to visit here lately. Anyway, we are still going strong, so grab the mod and come join us. I keep seeing people attempting to join, but they never have the mod, so make sure you have all that you need for the fun :D

Download the mod at http://www.tacmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4863 and join us every Friday for some great teamwork based action.

Start Time: 9PM EST
Server Name: D/L @ Tacmod.com
Mumble: VOICE-TX1.BRANZONE.COM:64740 (Pass: tac)


  • 'Tis Friday if you want to join us tonight :D
  • Tonight! Be there!
  • We play fairly late, so if we start to early for you, you should still try joining when you are available. We'll probably still be playing (or the late guys will enjoy the boost)
  • Come get some... time for some gaming :D
  • Still going
  • Reminder bump. The last few weeks have been pretty damn fun. You should come in for part of it.
  • I know you didn't forget.... but just in case ;) 'Tis Friday Night
  • I hope everyone had a good holiday... maybe you got a new computer? Come try it out with some TAC2 action :D
  • Just a last minute pimp/reminder
  • Traffic has been picking up lately. Join us and get some Tribes 2 goodness
  • I'll be jumping on there shortly... I was kind of wondering why guys like you drop so early. I figure, if you're getting up that early, why do you need to drop? But obviously, it's because you were up all night ;)
  • For those who like to join us, and use Teamspeak, please note that, as of this week, we are changing to using Mumble instead of Teamspeak. Mumble is much clearer than TS and it provides an overlay in game.

    Here's the server info for Mumble: VOICE-TX1.BRANZONE.COM:64740 (Pass: tac)
  • Not only have we changed to Mumble, but we now have an installer/updater for the mod. No more seeking out new maps or other downloads. Even if you already have the mod, and want to join us for battle, download the installer and run it. From then on, when you start the mod, it will check for updates and offer to auto install them for you.

    Oh, and it's Friday night, so come on in and join us :)
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    Friday again

    Here's one of our new maps (Colosseum)

  • Friendly Friday reminder
  • I haven't done a reminder in over a month.... stop on by :) That new map is part of the server now, and people seem to like it
  • Come get some TAC luvin' tonight
  • Thanks for the map...!!!
  • Come get some! It's Friday!
  • Avoid the Royal Wedding nonsense, and join us in battle tonight
  • Come celebrate my birthday and Cinco de Mayo
  • Hey eveyone I cant beileve I found this site I used to play Starsiege to tribe to tribes 2 almost religously for years.

    I dont know if anyone of you remember me but I used the name L-Count and was with DarkBlaze DKB I believe. I remember you Notman Glad see you and Im so happy to find out TAC is still arond and not only that but poeple are still playing it.

    Im going to install this on my machine againa nd hopefully play this weekend. What time EST do you guys hope on?

    Ps I always tell everyone these console fps and even some on current computeres crysis not included are so plan and paid in comparision to the action team strageties and straigt fact that you can fly with the jet pack anytime you wanted. Ive yearned for the time when Tribes had 32v32 games or the good old team machtes. FPS arnt like they used to be.
  • Yeah, I remember you. I'm glad I checked in today, since I don't check this site as often anymore. I didn't catch you this weekend (unless you joined under a new name). All the info you need is in the original post. It has the download link for the installer, the start time, and the mumble server (for chatting).

    We also have a facebook page now, if you're using FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/362120137903/
  • Friendly Fight Night reminder.... it's very late to inform/remind you, but our fight night is going on....... NOW! Come join us, even if it's late. We have guys playing into the wee hours
  • Tonight... come join us.
  • Things have picked up lately. Come join us tonight for a good match :D
  • Reminder time, since it's Friday
  • Friday push
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