The Solution to all your ills.

If you have a TRIBES 2 CD, explore it, and go to Tribes 2 First Aid.

If you cannot copy it properly, you must download T2 from the main page.


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    Note that this only works if you have to CD. Online downloads and using the first aid on it won't do anything (and shouldn't do anything).

    The Tribes 2 First Aid tries and copies each file as a whole, and if it did not copy it successfully then it goes back and copies it in chunks to ensure a correct transfer from CD to hard drive. Therefore, it will only work with CD installs.

    Plus, the CD doesn't include the patch (if I remember correctly). This will probably cause problems down the line. Your better off just downloading it from this website and checking the MD5 sum...


    EDIT: MD5 Sum and How To Check
  • What's a Tribs 2 cd?
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