How can I start my Mod?

Hey there...really nice job on keeping T2 alive. I used to host a Devastation Mod server on the old master server. I haven't messed around with scripts and such in a very long time. Infact the last time I changed anything in my mod was back in 2006. Long story short, how can I get my mod going again? I think I have it going but I am not sure. When I try to join it, the game says I need to install the Tribesnext Client files. Where are they? Any help would be appreciated.


  • If your server shortcut looks something like this, it should be fine:
    C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\tribes2.exe -dedicated -mod Devastation

    There aren't seperate files for client and server. One patch fits all.
    To start up the client and join the server, use a shortcut to online mode or run SierraUp.exe.
  • Thanks. I can see the server when I try to play. I just cant get past the UE on start up. The server is ok, but when I try to play on it from either the same computer or another computer I get the UE.
  • Hi
    You might try deleteing all .dso files found in your various t2 folders of your clients before you fire up the game, and when you make any changes in the game with a text editor. Also, if for some reason you're running in vertex lighting mode rather than standard opengl, uncheck the vertex lighting box in the graphics tab of the settings options in game. Vertex lighting causes ues in some systems, but is a requirement for systems with older video cards or onboard video. Vertex lighting is faster but uglier than pixel lighting, so for some, vertex lighting may mean being able to play the game at all.

    Here's a link to tribal ide and other files for the game. I love tribal, use it for just about every editing job:
  • Thanks for the information guys. I see the server now and actually able to get on it. Unfortunately it is running in Classic instead of my mod. I will check out the shortcut in ispawn when I get back. Do the old Tricon scripts work? If not Do you plan to make a patch to enable them? Thanks again for all of the work on this.
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