"the file C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\Readme.txt is not a valid previous version

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is 25034 the community patch?

Red Shifter:
25034 was the final patch released by GarageGames.  The community patch came after that to bring classic's fixes to base.  Then came TribesNext.

If I recall correctly, the community patch isn't necessary unless you plan on running a base server.

Im having the

"the file C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\Readme.txt is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded"

error as well... I didn't install from the CD, all I did was download


And clicked 'Torrent File', afterwards, after i have the folder on my desktop "TribesNext", i click the tribes2gsi.exe than I wait for the install to finish @ C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\.

Than, afterwards, I downloaded the patcher @ http://www.tribesnext.com/forum/index.php?topic=51.0 (http://xfer1.the-construct.net/tribes2/patch/_tribes2_update_21570-24834_25034.exe), than I get this error. about the readme.txt

If i ignore the above tribes2 update .exe and just install TribesNext_rc2a.exe from http://www.tribesnext.com/downloads, I get the error when executeing tribes 2 online, as shown by the OP in the following thread: http://www.tribesnext.com/forum/index.php?topic=51.0

Could someone help? :( I feel so clueless, I played another version of tribes on the PS2, and I loved it... want to go back to playing this game again.

EDIT: Nevermind... I just tried the rc2a again and tried to run online... and for some gd dumbass reason it worked... i'm so sorry, and this was an waste of time typing this whole post up :(

Red Shifter:
The torrent is already patched to 25034.


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