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Author Topic: Ideas for a better Tribes 2 - MT2GA (Make Tribes 2 Great Again!)
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May 30, 2017, 02:14:38 PM »
For the next iteration of "Tribes 2"  Wink  I suggest a Shifter Game Mode Type(SGMT). (This post is torque engine related so any unreal engine Tribers close both eyes and ears -
does not pertain.)

Things seem to be geared towards a more competitive edge type gameplay where focus is going the way of rapid snatch, grab, return, defend and score aspects. Back in the T1 & T2 days, focus may have been slightly different which is why I'm bringing up a Shifter Game Mode Type(SGMT). Gone are the days where new and old are playing side by side and communication was bare minimum using only keybinds or laser pointers. We would huddle along a corridor in an enemy base tearing down defensive positions constantly being rebuilt (or repaired) while fending off stray enemy players in the process (anticipating a larger defensive mass on its way soon). It was a satisfying feeling regardless of the outcome. The longer we were at it the more intense it was.

SGMT would focus on team building aspects primarily on new players. An extended Keybind scripting to include the laser pointer where vgcf could have the laser pointer draw a large circle around a person until it points directly to that person with the audio "Follow Me" or "Watch Me", etc. You run into an Engineer setting up a defensive position and want to observe - with click of a button you go directly to observer mode from that exact location with an option to select who you wish to observe. The SGMT would have some or all of the elements that were in Tribes2 Shifter Game Mode. Particularly the ability to position steel slabs (or glass) to block entryways or slab platforms for sniper positions or for use as launch pads etc. A Help section or hud that can house tutorials which can be downloaded and run within the game (videos, docs, etc).

All Environment Variables for ALL Game Mode types would be identical. I could never understand why Arena was so different from all the other Game Mode types. A guy would boast how good he was in Arena and for someone who hardly ever plays Arena would be at a HUGE disadvantage. I could never understand the reasoning behind that... seriously...WTF was up with that?!?

Other ideas that can help Make Tribes 2 Great Again:
A deployable two man pillbox (which requires 3 men to setup but 2 to operate & maintain). This would enable the 3rd man (Engineer) to possibly setup another pillbox nearby and could help
defend these pillboxes or he could be outside setting up defenses or whatever. New Players should be the whole focus of SGMT with the added bonus of what Shifter was all about, Woohoo!

The more experienced players would be able to play on any Game Mode Type with the added bonus of more cohesive obstacles in thier path (in theory).

In the past I have mentioned ingame stabilizers for the tanks. I also did mention the ability to somehow hang onto ships as they flew over and when Tribes Vengeance came out... then there was the grappling hook. Be careful for what you wish for.  
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Seņor Nugget

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1: May 30, 2017, 09:53:56 PM »
Well, I see that you talk a lot about obstacles and teamwork to beat those obstacles. So basically, a lot of defense assets and stuff. You should try BIOMod if you haven't already, this mod has a lot of what you describe. Go in that BIOMod server, vote for the Katabatic/Damnation BIO map, and try keeping the enemy team's gens destroyed for a while.

Also, an non-arena player was at a disadvantage because that's what all arena players do, fight. They fight way more than non-arena players, so they get really good at it.

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2: August 01, 2017, 05:32:43 PM »
Dude!!! I thought it was just me! doh! I know exactly what you're talkin' about! You're playing CTF, Hunters, Rabbit, Shocklance Deathmatch, etc... ones where you are supposedly not actually fighting in (as per previous post)... and you're using a max-throw script to chuck a nade at max distance. In Arena, you were stripped of this ability where the maxthrow script didn't work - coupled with your skiing and your movements were slightly off from what you've accustomed yourself to - HUGE adjustments in your gameplay were an absolute necessity. And, if you played Arena long enough, HUGE adjustments were required to return playing the other game types. I agree with you. I think I would have enjoyed Arena more if the settings were identical to the others. When I throw a grenade, I expect it to be in one place and not another.
But we're hugely off topic here... Let's make Tribes 2 Great Again! I like your idea for a deployable pillbox. It could also supplement as a remote inventory station or safe haven for your teammates (only if 2 occupied the pillbox).
OOooh! Glider suits: On respawn, instead of on the ground, an option to be dropped from the sky and with limited flight time, can soar to objective. Once on the ground, glider suit is ejected and no longer usable.
Deployable Mortars: Engineer only can deploy 3 mortar tubes either close to each other or far apart. Each are manually sited (acquire target) and then all three can be fired off using the same clicker that sets off a satchel charge. The tubes can be moved and/or refilled in a manner similar to how the repair pack works.
ALLAHU AKBAR Pack: Doh! Sets off an explosive charge while transporting you within 25-50 meters from detonation. Packs can be tossed towards enemy or assets (85% success rate on transport-less if tossed).
Correct me if I'm wrong, the purpose of this thread is to hint to developers that should, if, or when a remake of Tribes 2 is in the works and made with the latest Torque Engine (and no other Game Engine) these are just ideas to help things along for a better "Tribes 2"? ...again, Torque... no other engine! ...but Torque!
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3: October 11, 2017, 01:44:09 PM »
Correct me if I'm wrong, the purpose of this thread is to hint to developers that should, if, or when a remake of Tribes 2 is in the works and made with the latest Torque Engine (and no other Game Engine) these are just ideas to help things along for a better "Tribes 2"? ...again, Torque... no other engine! ...but Torque!

Thanks man, you rock! You're exactly right - almost like we're on the same wavelength... and.. just thought I'd pop back in and post yet another one of my ponderings on how to get T2 the recognition it rightfully deserves. Submitted for you'ze approvals as they come, fresh outta my noggin' - Pew Pew!.

Restrict the comms (Discord or TeamChat or whatever they call it) to just Tournaments. I've never really played in a Tournament nor used the Comms so prolly gonna get flamed for this but hear me out. On regular games you are restricted to the "Keybind" comms, laser pointers (previously mentioned - and any other future ideas that spring up) so it feels less awkward for the newbies... you know, the ones with the desired skillsets, Doh! We want to groom them, nurture them and build a sense of belonging, teamwork... and then POUND on them. Ease off and groom them... nurture them... and then POUND on them some more!
There's nothing worse ingame when players team up on a newb for shits and giggles. They need to sprout...  blossom into that Fresh Meat we all know they have the potential of becoming. Some quicker than others where we actively listen to thier concerns and POUND 'em some more for encouragement and accolades. Win Win!!!

(BTW sup with Tuko? Haven't heard from him in awhile. Should be poppin in soon, eh?)
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