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Author Topic: Classic Bots v1.3.6 (2018)
Seņor Nugget

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February 22, 2018, 02:14:05 PM »
Classic Bots
Latest version: 1.3.6 - March 03, 2018

Note from March 02, 2018
I have a big wishlist of CTF, Siege, CNH maps that I'd like to support, mostly clientside, but I just lack the free time required, so it will be done very slowly. This thread will get updated when a newer version appears. In the meantime, please also check MetaDrax's bot supported maps. His maps are best suited for Base (default Tribes 2 gametype) and are NOT compatible with Classic Bots, but check them out if you want more maps for Base that are very focused on driving bots.

Download link:
The download is attached to this post. Please read the Updating instructions if you're upgrading your Classic Bots version.

This bot pack was mainly designed for playing CTF and Siege with bots on Classic 1.5.2, and most modifications were made for CTF. However, this mod includes LAK Bots, and supports Hunters, Team Hunters, Capture and Hold, and Deathmatch. The Version 5 bots in this pack are mainly scripted by Lagg-Alot. Lagg started making these awesome advanced bots for Tribes 2 by modifying almost all the default bot functions. Changes on Lagg's script files after 2009 are made by Roberto, and a lot of the original Classic mod scripts were modified too. This bot mod includes an awesome, but completely optional feature to enable RPG elements.

  • UPDATING - If you're updating your Classic Bots mod, first delete your ENTIRE "ClassicBots" folder, including your preferences files, then copy and use the new "ClassicBots" folder that you downloaded instead.
  • Required files - Before installing ClassicBots, please make sure that you have the following map packs installed: DynamixFinalPack, S5maps, S8maps, TWL-MapPack, TWL2-MapPack. These are required. To install maps, put the .vl2 files in your "GameData\base" folder.

Download link for these map packs (you need to unzip this file):

Download link for the DynamixFinalMapPack:

Now, moving on to the actual installation:
  • Put everything from the "Tribes2InstallFolder" to your Tribes 2 install folder and overwrite stuff when asked. For example, the 'GameData' folder from here should overwrite the 'GameData' folder that you have.
  • PLAY by using the 'ClassicBots_Online.bat' or 'ClassicBots_Offline' file. There's also a .bat file for hosting a dedicated server, if you need to.

If you wanna hear bots use random sounds from the game or text chat randomly, or use sounds from the Osiris voice pack, do this:
  • Copy the audio folder from to your base\audio folder.
  • Allow bots to use these sounds by setting $Host::BotsChatRandomSounds to 1 in the file serverPrefs.cs from GameData\ClassicBots\prefs.
  • Also allow bots to randomly text chat by setting $Host::BotsChatTextVoice to 1.
  • Warning: The chat contains adult language.

Download link for Osiris voicepack:

  • Bots change numbers depending on the map. If you disable this from the server preferences, then I recommend playing with 29 bots minimum, or more if you have a good CPU.
  • By default, an odd number of bots, like 27, 39, etc, will make 2 bots switch to the enemy team when you join. An even number will make 3 bots switch.
  • Always play on max skill so the bots aren't retarded.
  • Don't play with more than 32 bots on Siege, the game will crash when switching sides.
  • Whether you want to play online or offline, you can drastically improve your game performance by hosting a dedicated server and then joining it from the same PC.
  • Don't install custom mods, even admin mods, that may interfere with this mod or else the mod won't work as intended.

If you want to know how to change bot or server preferences, or how to activate RPG Mode, or how to make bots use voicepacks or randomly chat, or disable/change the bot numbers per map, or see the list of bugs, features, and credits, then open the file 'Features.txt'. It's located in the folder named 'Tribes2InstallFolder.'  In that folder, there are also the files named 'EditingTutorialAndTips,' 'SiegeEditing' and 'SiegeEditing2,' which will explain how to bot support your own maps using Classic Bots.

Additional reading (only if you're interested, not required):

Attached files
* ClassicBots (v1.3.6).zip (12715.58 KB - downloaded 16 times.)
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Seņor Nugget

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1: March 14, 2018, 05:26:11 AM »
March 14 - Update

I noticed that when I join a server hosting this mod, sometimes I'll join as an observer instead of joining a team. If you're hosting a dedicated server, please download the file attached in this post, defaultGame.cs, and put it in your ClassicBots install folder (should be "GameData\ClassicBots\scripts" unless you renamed it) to replace the original defaultGame.cs.

When I hosted a server, I didn't had this problem. But if you do have it, I hope this will fix it.
Attached files
* defaultGame.cs (159.29 KB - downloaded 11 times.)

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