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Author Topic: Multiple Restarts when trying to set up server and cant see server
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August 10, 2019, 07:58:28 AM »
Hi, Im trying to bring back my mod Devastation. Its been years since Ive run a server. I downloaded a clean game, did the patch, and added my mod exactly where it was before. When I run it, it looks, like it loads all the way. I don't see a heartbeat confirmed and then it will restart again and again. I am at a loss. Ive turn off the AV and think Ive opened port 28000 on my att router. Suggestions?
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1: August 10, 2019, 09:56:11 AM »
The first thing you should try when setting up a server is running it on its own (i.e. clearing DSOs and running a "Tribes2.exe -dedicated -mod Devastation" shortcut) and making sure that loads up; if it crashes, there should be an unhandled exception message (even if all it shows is a memory address) that can help pinpoint the problem.
One common issue with older mods crashing is scripts that attempt to connect to websites/domains that no longer exist, so if you had a web connector script in the past, it may need stripped out.

If it doesn't crash, it's likely a problem with the restarter.

Assuming you're starting it with ispawn, what command line are you sending it?  Something like this?
ispawn.exe 28000 Tribes2.exe -dedicated -mod Devastation
Does it receive the correct port, matching the one in your mod prefs?  What's the last message you see when the server loads?
Ispawn performs queries locally to see if the server is responding every few seconds, so if the server takes a little too long to start up, it can prematurely restart it in some configurations I can provide you with a modified, more lenient, version if you think this is your issue.

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2: October 02, 2019, 09:20:30 PM »
If you don't see a heartbeat, something's not allowing the ping to get out or back to the master server.
You might try shutting off the fwall for the test duration as well as dmz the ip of the server in the rooter to see if you get anywhere. If so then set the rooter to dmz the server ip and enable the server fwall and try again. SAomewhere along the line you should find the blockage.
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