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  • I do, yes. Still happens. I have reinstalled several times. I also get bad lag at times as well. Maybe it is all network related?
  • I wondered how often the host servers are rebooted. Does anyone else think pings have jumped up over the last months? Like the Triumph server for example, used to be low on the ping list. Maybe it is just me. Anyway, I have had fun the last months …
  • Ok, the maps are cycling now and I have them randomized. Last question. How do I know what player limits to set on new maps? Example: $Host::MapPlayerLimitsOasis_DM = "-1 32"; I have to specify that, right, or no bots will show up? Than…
  • Excellent. They are there. Thank you Keen and rJay. Can I make the server continue to cycle maps even when no human is playing? Yeah, I think the forwarding issue is on my firewall and translating to the outside IP address. Thanks, Andy