You have no jetpack skillz, Mr. Jacobson.

Funniest Tribes 2 reference I've ever read.

Sorry if this is a re-post, but it always stuck in my mind from way back when Tribes 2 still had a large community.


  • lol
    (pity bump)
  • So yeah...

    I'm Mr. Jacobson :) And I was in college in 2001.

    And yes, I did spend my college days logged in to Tribes 2 in the evenings... But it was the Ann Arbor server I played on mostly, and the SA there... well he couldn't have been my professor.

    I also didn't write any papers on the USSR :P But this did freak me the hell out when I read it.
  • I played on Ann Arbor quite often.

    VisualEcho even gave me the Perl script that ran the whole operation (stats + firewall bans, etc).
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