Missing Scores :: Classic 1.5.2 w/ Evo 1.2.3c

Ok, so there is at least 1 person out there who played on Ann Arbor tribes 2 server back in... oh... 2003 or so. I'm trying to set up a server that is similar to this. The greatest feature of this was player stat tracking. It had a super awesomeo web site linked to the server that showed all sorts of nifty information. E.G. Top 10 Players Total Points earned, and Each player had a personal page that showed their kills, caps, et cetera.

Ok, So i'm getting to that. I'm a programmer and if i can I'll recycle as much of Echo's code as I can. If not, I'll scratch something up myself.

Anyways, the problem I'm having is under the installs mentioned in thread topic, If i turn the bots on... sometimes the player's individual scores do not appear. I vaguely remember this happening using the pizza mod like 5 years ago. It seems to me that it did it some times, but not always. Also, from time to time... players are only spawning with a spinfusor (no grenades/blaster/chaingun).

Anyone encountered this? Or know where i could trace this down to? I wonder if it has something to do with the pizza admin scoring modification. I bet all those nested if's don't have a case for bots and it breaks the scoring module. Team score still works fine and dandy.


  • Ok.. i reinstalled several times.. and rebooted the machine.

    Its tracking scores now. I did everything exactly the same for installation as before. Strange....

    Any clue on this intermittent issue?
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