Couple questions.

Howdy folks just stumbled across this and I have a few questions to ask.

How are the servers looking? I tried playing tribes 2 again before the servers shut down, but most people were running version 2. I'd mainly be interested in base t2 or aerial dogfight(aka bones mod)...Dunno if those game types are/will be popular today though.

Yeah forgive me I don't feel like digging and I could probably find the answer to this one myself, but how far along is this project? I see mention of holding off telling folks cause its not ironed out yet. So where exactly is it at?

And finally how are the player numbers looking? When I tried coming back to tribes(as mentioned above) there was pretty much 1 active server with a couple small rabbit servers going for a total of about 40-50 players online. I am fully aware that numbers now don't reflect what they *may* be in the future so no need to get defensive.

Oh and one more is that really kryand I see on these forums? My eyes must be failing me...howdy bud.


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    Also, you blocked me on AIM a long time ago. Fag.

    Anyway, the project is beta, there are some bugs and the occasional malfunction, by they are getting less and less serious.

    There aren't too many server, but people are working on setting up more. Yes, there are base servers unfortunately, and they are more popular than the classic servers. No ADF yet, but Hybrid_Sin sold me he's working on getting one. If he doesn't, I'll try to talk someone into it.

    Finally, the most recent count is over 1000 registered users. There are quite a lot on at once time usually. Definitely a lot more than there were when T2 was dying.
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  • Also by the way did you hear Flame_Dude AKA Spry is dead. Happened a while ago.
  • Yeah I mostly use Aim to talk to people i know IRL and use vent to talk to gaming buddies. dan had been messaging me nonstop right before you messaged me so you both ended up blocked. Just bad timing really as I was in the middle of a number of things and dan was being his usual self at least for back then...judging by his post he hasn't changed too much though. Btw Howdy dan didn't even see you on these forums.

    And no I didn't hear about flamedude...thats horrible news. That was a good guy.
  • i'm not being serious anyway nice to see you, you should join the dws facebook group. it's pretty cool. good seeing you around.
  • Lol dan I've always known to take pretty much everything you say with a grain of salt. Yeah kryand pointed me to the facebook...I don't use it though. I'm inviting any of the old dws to come game with the guys I've been playing with since classic came out...We've pretty much moved on to other games and finally became a casual gaming group. We play a little of anything. Just send me a message and we can get the details together...Just have to speak to the guy who owns the vent server and so on.
  • Well at the most I've seen like 80-100 people on..Didn't do the EXACT math..But that's about what I figured. about 30 in one server 40 in another and some in the Construction mods and about 14-16 in Arena. So Tribes2 has become more popular now
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