TAC2 Fight Night April 24, 2009

It's our weekly Friday Night Fight Night. Download the mod at http://www.tacmod.com and join us this Friday for some great teamwork based action.

Make sure you check for the latest maps here: http://www.tacmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5331

Start Time: 9PM EST
Teamspeak: VOICE-TX1.BRANZONE.COM:8770 (Pass: tac)
Server Name: D/L @ Tacmod.com


  • Bump 'cause it's Friday
  • More bumpage

    Has the Tribes 2 revitalization already worn off? Or are people not interested in TAC anymore :( We haven't seen many people return for the last month or so
  • Friday Night Bump... Date has changed, but it's still Friday ;)
  • Was fun till I UEd :-[
  • :( No UE recovery? Or just gave up at that point?
  • It always seems to UE on me whenever a havoc explodes, its random, weird, and irritating. I was thinking of trying again but was sleepy and decided against it.
  • Well, it's Friday again, so feel free to give it another shot tonight :D
    And try deleting your .dso files before joining ;)
  • Friday Bump.... get in there tonight Corrosion ;)
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