Code help..If not alredy done.

Can anyone tell me if there is a script that changes the enemy triangle to something like the attachment. I think back in the day I had something like this, But I'm not sure.
If this script already exists point me in the right direction please.
  • hud_playertriangle_enemy.png


  • IFF Tags as they are called are declared in the armor datablock.

    throw your graphic into the /gui/ folder of your mod, set the appropriate name to match your file and BAM! there you go.
       hudImageNameFriendly[0] = "gui/hud_playertriangle";
       hudImageNameEnemy[0] = "gui/hud_playertriangle_enemy";
       hudRenderModulated[0] = true;
       hudImageNameFriendly[1] = "commander/MiniIcons/com_flag_grey";
       hudImageNameEnemy[1] = "commander/MiniIcons/com_flag_grey";
       hudRenderModulated[1] = true;
       hudRenderAlways[1] = true;
       hudRenderCenter[1] = true;
       hudRenderDistance[1] = true;
       hudImageNameFriendly[2] = "commander/MiniIcons/com_flag_grey";
       hudImageNameEnemy[2] = "commander/MiniIcons/com_flag_grey";
       hudRenderModulated[2] = true;
       hudRenderAlways[2] = true;
       hudRenderCenter[2] = true;
       hudRenderDistance[2] = true;
  • I believe he's talking about clientside IFF dealies...
    Perhaps digging through might help.
  • Yeah I figured it out all i had to do is put it in the gui folder Thx anyways guys
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