Account Creation

Well, my brother is trying to create an account for himself now, and its telling him that the Authentication Server received the Request but chose not to fulfill it. What does that mean?


  • Account creation is limited to one per week per IP address, with a maximum of 5. This is the error you'll get if you attempt to make more than one account per week per IP.
  • ok thanks Krash.
  • I am in the same situation. Will it reset a week from when I created my account or is it Sunday, the start of next week?
  • It will reset a week from when you created your account.
  • Reset is exactly 7 days from the time the account was created. That means 7 days... or 168 hours... or 10080 minutes... or 604800 seconds.
  • This is particularly sad and frustrating. I have 4 people that WERE going to create accounts and play on the LAN at my house. Now we are forced to do something else.

    I have high hopes for this revival, but since I have people come to my house and spontaneously decide what game to play, this is a deal breaker. Not one of these people is going to jump through hoops in advance of playing at my house on the weekend.
  • You don't need accounts to play LAN.
  • Though there may be a bit of a bug in the connection code stopping LAN players from joining LAN servers... we should have a minor update available tomorrow with a fix in, but if you need to play before it's available, you might want to temporarily disable the patch.
  • We were unable to spawn a LAN dedicated, correct. Listen server worked fine, which is good.

    Unfortunately, lack of dedicated means we couldn't test the quad core box using set affinity, multiple ethernet IP addresses and ports for online and LAN play.

    I will say that one -should- be able to reach your own online play server (on your LAN) by simply using your ip address assigned by your ISP. If instructions on how to do this are needed, they can be provided, but a quick google search of 'what is my ip' without the quotes will usually tell you the address your server currently has to the rest of the world.
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