TCAdmin Tribes2 configuration file

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I run multiple servers on on machine with different games.
I wanted to run Tribes 2 under TCAdmin and needed a configuration file for it.

I did a little looking around and came up with this Tribes 2 configuration file.
This one seems to work with out any issues so far... ;D

I also had a question regarding the dedicated server command line for Tribes2.
I read the posts here

Tribes2.exe -dedicated -mod base++

* -nopure - this makes it so your server isn't "pure" (no calls to eval) and some other stuff (not entirely sure).
* -clientprefs path - specifies while clientprefs file to use, default is prefs/ClientPrefs.cs.
* -serverprefs path - specifies while serverprefs file to use, default is prefs/ServerPrefs.cs.
* -host - makes a listen server?
* -password arg - automatically puts in your password to log in (may not be compatible with TribesNext patch).
* -bot arg - specifies how many bots there should be.

Is this command line correct?

tribes2.exe -dedicated -serverprefs prefs/ServerPrefs.cs Katabatic CTF -bot 6 -mod Classic

Thank you in advance


edit thanks Eolk


  • I would add the nonpure switch
  • Best way to test is to try the shortcut on your own machine. From looking at it initially, I saw you spelled "Katabatic" wrong.
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    Nice catch .. yes you are correct.

    So the command line should be this
    tribes2.exe -dedicated -serverprefs prefs/ServerPrefs.cs Katabatic CTF -bot 6 -mod Classic


    Strange when I start the server my ServerPrefs.cs
    revert to a default condition

    All my ServerPrefs.cs details are lost

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