Hey I can't Get this reticle to work I dont know why. I put in the textures/gui folder with the name RET_mortor.png and someone told me to try it with RET_mortar.png and I did and it didn't work so can any one tell me how to get it work. Its been a while since i messed with the reticles so i forgot everything.
PS: I checked it and it has the alpha layer so that shouldn't be the problem. I know that if a skin doesn't have the alpha layer sometimes it wont get rendered correctly, so thats the first thing I checked.
  • RET_mortor.png


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    RET_mortor is correct.

    for example: mystuff.vl2/textures/gui/RET_mortor.png

    i found that the game doesnt like to load just one file, for my 2 changed reticles to work i had to put all the other, original reticles in my vl2 as well.
    i even have the bm8's in there, dont think you really need them but i just wanted to make sure.

    the game loads vl2's (or everything?) alphabetical so if you add a Z in front of your vl2 name so you can make sure that its one of the last to be loaded, incase you already have reticles somewhere in a dir under /base.

    if something still doesnt work, search the whole base folder for that filename, i once had a script that i couldnt get rid of until i found that it was deeply hidden in i dunno how many subfolders in the base folder and the game doesnt care about folder names so never leave your backups in the base folder, they will only cause trouble.

    when you make a .vl2 with winrar, under compression method, choose "store" otherwise it wont work, dunno about other compression tools.
  • So you're saying I should put it in a vl2 file?
    Because as it is right now I just have in the gui folder uncompressed.
    Or should I just replace the original reticle with the one i have by deleting the original?
    If anyone has a mortar reticle that works and is similar to this can you please send me a link or attach the file here? Thanks
  • i say copy all original rets and put them into a vl2, then replace the ones you want, mortar..
  • I did and it didn't work...any more ideas?
  • try this

    it works for me, if it doesnt then i have no idea. see if your disc and cg reticles have changed ingame, if they have, try to put your own mortar ret in there
  • no they dont change. must be something with my installation.
  • you have put the .vl2 into your base folder right?
  • I think its not working because a file is loading after mine so I have to check how many duplicates I have.
  • tyr puttin zzzz in front of it
  • I have doesn't work
  • Try taking them out of the .vl2 i wonder if they are conflicting try and do this put them in a gamedata/base/textures/gui don't put it in a .vl2 just drop it into gui folder but you mite not have one so make one.
  • One of the first things I tried nothing has worked so far.
  • Okay i foubd out the problem with you're skin its the Size i will down size it a bit and i will give you it you have the size set to 256X256 Pixels Doesn't work that way mate you can't go from a 32X32 pixel skin to a 256X26 Pixel does not work at all i will down size it or make a cool one for you okay? i have attached a Shrike Reticle for you to try out. i made in my spare time
  • awesome ty very much can't wait!!!
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    I got a script called SKR RET ReticleManager03.vl2 and it lets you choose what rectiles you want for each weapon, although I don't know if it allows you to use rectile skins in your gamedata/base foulder.
    Props to Mapped for posting the link on this thread
  • Yeah I've tried that manager with reticle i wanted to use and it just gave me a UE.
  • I don't know what I can help you with then because I'm not that great with scripts.
  • Oh its ok I'm just letting you know that I've tried it with my reticle and it just gave me a UE
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