UnSolved c0000005 UE

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I recently started getting UEs whenever I joined a game, although I reinstalled the game and the problem went away, although it returned today. This is not the same problem as the UE just solved that caused crashes upon login, I can login, but when I join a game, everything loads perfectly fine, but once I get into the game, but when it starts I get a UE, and this happens online, and offline.


  • Have you added anything extra to the reinstall?
    Have you attempted to update your drivers (specifically video card drivers)?
    >> You should go to the vendor site and search for updates.
  • Thanks teratos installing new drivers fixed the problem
  • And now the problem has returned, I would really like to find another way to fix it other than another reinstall, because that didn't completely fix the problem.
  • I belive that the UE problem starts for me when I try to host a game of hunters on lan with 16 bots, in inner sanctum, and exactly when the game starts I get the c0000005 UE. :-\
  • I've heard Inner Sanctum can't be played properly with bots.
  • If there were any hunters servers I would love to play on them instead of solving my obsession for the gametype, but alas there are none, and I don't plan on hosting one, so back to my bots to avoid Inner Sanctum, although that map always look like lots of fun making all of the action closer together (rather than maps like sun dried).
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