acceleration / quickpass forcefields

this is mainly directed at Red_Shifter since he knows this kinda stuff, wrote scripts for it etc, i was unable to ctach you on irc so far so ill just post it here and hope you see it.

i made a map which has forcefields that give you a small velocity boost, they are in a power providing simgroup and are essential to the map.
to do them i just added a physical zone to the .mis and increased the velocityMod, now im not sure if im already doing this wrong because according to this post it sounds like the wrong way to make it work.

i also have a couple of teamonly FF's which are in a simgroup together with 1 gen, ive set their velocitymod so that they are neutral, quickpass like.
one problem i came across is that when i kill the gen and then walk trough any of the entrances where these FF's were i get smashed into the next wall at like 2000mp, no idea why that happens.

i have also found this topic but its no use for me cause i need PZ's for the accelerator FF's and i only want the team FF's to be quickpass so that the team doesnt get slowed down whenever they want to suit up.

i dunno if a script is the best solution or if i can fix it within the .mis file, maybe ill just have to leave the team FF's on slow and live with it?


  • Forcefields have their own physical zone that gets enabled/disabled based on whether the forcefield is up or down. If you just add a physical zone without bothering with the forcefield's own physical zone, results like that are to expected.

    The best way to do what you need is to use a script that overrides the forcefield's own physical zone, adding a function to turn it off at the end of the map. The one laid out in the linked post is flawed, however. That script should be written as:
    %velo = 1; 
       %grav = 0.1; 
       %appl = "0 0 0";

    If you're just trying to remove the physical zones entirely and make all forcefields act as if they aren't there for the players who own them, there's a completely different script for that.
  • ah ok, i assumed the game wouldnt create another pz on mission load if there was already one in the .mis.

    well i guess ill have to stick to slow team FF's since i cant script at all, can i leave the other FF's (accel ones) the way they are or will that mess up the server? do i need to deactivate them on gameover?
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