Looking for team players

Looking for some more active players for my team, Top Dawgz. We play Base CTF and Arena and Classic CTF. Looking for some more active players who will commit to showing up to matches. Trying to get TdZ up and going like it was and bring back the old family. If your interested PM me or TriggerFinger for more info.


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    Please note that for this team, idling in our team IRC channel is a MUST. If you join the team but do not substantially idle in our IRC channel, you will be kicked off the team. We have had bad experiences in the past with people who join the team and then disappear, and we don't want our roster filled up, essentially, with ghosts - people who don't communicate. We are looking for active, team players.

    If you want to join the team, but don't have any previous experience with IRC, we can provide you with step-by-step instructions for how to get set up using mIRC (the most popular client out there). If you want to use another client (such as Xchat), we may be able to accommodate that as well.

    Thanks! :)
  • Please don't kick me off the team!!! I haven't been idling!!!!
  • well well well, if it isn't YWontUDie... :) how you been bro? its ol' Nuttbuster here reporting for duty. cant wait to see another 7s7 :P
  • Lol I miss 7s7. Your welcome to join bro!
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