cant disable v-sync on D3D?

i always used to play on opengl wih vsync off but i find that explosions look better on D3D so i wanna use that but with vsync the game is very stuttery and it wont let me disable it.
ive tried to force it off by video card drivers but not even that works, so does anyone know a way to disable vsync on d3d?

whats the difference between d3d and opengl anyway? someone told me that d3d can run precompiled shaders, is that why explosions look better? anything else?


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    The way it was explained to me was that Direct3D was put in just for the old video cards that didn't support OpenGL at the time of release, and that the developers spent the time optimizing T2 for playing using OpenGL.

    What this exactly means in terms of frame rate/GPU efficiency, or the quality, I'm not sure.
  • They're different languages, more or less, but use the same alphabet, ie, code.
    Opengl is usualy more efficient, speedier, but most game devs are doing d3d now because of m$. I love opengl for religious and political reasons, namely, most of it is not owned by m$.

    You know, you can replace explosions in opengl too.
  • yeah but i mean they render better in d3d, i think
  • D3D for T2 is just a OpenGL Wrapper (opengl2d3d). It does not look "better", it just rendered things wrong. There is also a performance penalty for the on-the-fly translations between the two languages. Like-wise with the lack of rendering features, there are no benefits of using D3D over OpenGL in T2.
  • ok, thanks for clearing it up
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