[REL] New Particles & HUD


here are some improved particle effects, just download the file to your base folder and youre ready to go.

theres more changed than you see in the screenshot, i didnt change the theme though so all the colors are still the same as the default particles.
i also didnt touch any explosions cause people usually have their own custom ones and incase you dont want an effect you can just delete it from the .VL2

i will probably work some more on this, up next is finishing my custom HUD and after that i will most likely start to retexture some of the weapons.


  • Great, I like them. Looking forward :)
  • ok, HUD is done.

    its based on the original hud so you wont have to do any hud moving and it looks good on any resolution.

    (the flag icons are included btw, delete them if you dont want them)

    heres a pic of the whole icon set:

  • Thanks I've really been wanting to get some new effects since they were mentioned recently on the forums.
  • I like the particles, however, the HUD seems rather plain.
  • I like the HUD. Trouble is the new particles, while awesome, makes the computer i"m using slow down to nada. Oh well. It wasn't intended for people without gaming \systems. I still say excellent job.
  • oh yeah.. i forgot to say that it will decrease performand and probably doesnt run well on older machines.

    i guess a good way to test it is to damage a bomber so that its on smoke and then get into the TG seat.
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