disabling storm and inferno skins?

is there any way? client side that is.


  • is there any way? client side that is.

    Not sure how you can possibly 'disable' Storm, it's a default skin.
    And Inferno, just copy storm lights-heavies and rename them to base.lmale and such.
  • well sometimes the game picks blood eagle and diamond sword skins, sometimes it shows whatever skin the person chose and i think sometimes it shows only storm and inferno, what id like is that the game only uses the skins which arent storm or inferno, config file? console command? idk how
  • Renaming the skins sounds like the best way to go about this.
  • Actually, there are some incredible high-quality versions of the storm and inferno skins that look amazing (the ones they should have included in the original game). They're available on some of the skin sites listed in the "Links" Thread here. I'm on another computer with nothing Tribes 2 on it and a horrible connection at the moment, so I can't say exactly where and which one. (I'll be back from vacation in a month or less, then I can help, and I'm planning on making a skin site indexing all skins available, pics and all.). If you're interested, look through those skin sites, or pm me and I'll try to get back to you in about a month, if you're willing to wait that long. XP

    But MY question is, does anyone know how to replace the standard Inferno and Storm skins with the high-quality ones??? I know how to for the rest of the skins, but I haven't been able to find the standard names of the Inferno and Storm skins anywhere, so far. Who knows, maybe they could be included in a Tribes Next patch of Tribes 2 to override the original crappy ones permanently??? Just a suggestion.
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    unfortunately renaming or replacing wont do it.


    When someones being pulverised by a mortar the gibs are using the texture of the storm skin so ive replaced the storm texture with a gore'ish one but theres a couple of players who use the storm skin for whatever reason and so they look like big flying gibs.
    On top of that i find the skins ugly anyway..

    in other games theres console commands to force enemy models, i was hoping that i could just get rid of them by script, cfg, console or whatever but perhaps its hardcoded.

    ps: VashTexan: the storm skins start with base. and the inferno ones with baseb., for example, base.lmale.png is storm light male and baseb.mfemale.png is inferno medium female..
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