TAC MOD Friday fight night!!!!

The TAC community would like to extend their invitation to any and all players who think they have what it takes to stay up the whole night. We start around 9-9:30 pm eastern time and usually stay up till around 3 in the morning.
Just go to tacmod.com to download the needed files there lots of good maps that are client side so check out the forums at tacmod.com!!!
the download only takes about 5 mins you can download the files while you eat or take a shower.... so what are you waiting for?!?!!?
we hope to see you on friday !!!!


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    I just thought of an idea for the tac mod, not sure if they had it.. instead of everyone dieing when thier player touches the terrain anyplace on the map. I think it would be better to have the terrain area around your base be none deadly. All players could be on the terrain around the base area. The tac concept of needing vehicles to get to the enemy base and back would still apply. I know it's to late now to revive tribes2, but if anyone makes tac like mod for a new game, this mite be a good idea. Take care you all, Defender, aka Jack Hemphill. Email: [email protected]

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