Looking for an OLD demo

I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for the only demo I ever released to the public. It was called dws vs pub...I suppose its highly unlikely that its still floating around out there, but who knows maybe someone has a collection of demos on backup or something.


  • I doubt those exist anymore. :(
    I had them, but I've gone through about 4 hard drives since then and never once backed up Tribes 2 demos.
  • Eh like I said its probably very unlikely, but then again I had people begging me to release demos of me playing so theres a chance however slight. I'm sure you remember that game though it was a hoot. Unfriendly skies and I believe it was you, exeter, buckets, and myself vs 30-40 pubbers.
  • Oh yeah, I remember. Was awesome going like 5 vs 30 and owning them. It'd be nice to have a repeat performance, but I've lost so much of my flying ability since then, I dunno if I'd be up for it any time soon.

    On a side note, one of my other friends was trying to hunt down old demos a while back and he came across a website that claimed to have thousands of old demos backed up. I think it was (MA)'s website. However, only members have access, so we couldn't confirm if it was actually true or not. But hey, maybe there is hope for our old demos yet. We tried contacting (MA) but I don't think we got a response.
  • Yeah I hear ya I'm rusty as all hell in the shrike right now. Thats part of the reason getting that demo would be handy...kinda jog my memory. Also I know someone irl that wanted to see it.

    On a side note though I did manage to find my old shrike crosshair...lord knows how I hate the default one. Well technically I found the orginal version boot made I am going to have to customize it again. Too bad the admins kept switching it off vehicle maps last night after I found it...I was dying to use it. Come to think of it you used that crosshair I tossed ya way back too didn't you?
  • Hmm I don't remember ever using any kind of custom crosshair for anything.
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