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I found the fujilives voice pack and started to mess with it because the script for the voice pack was all messed up I fixed it, but found myself wanting more than the Monty pythons clips so I decided to make my own. Right now Im going to start looking for clips and stuff to start making the voice pack You guys have any Ideas on what other clips I should add?
The more Ideas I get the better the voice pack will be. If I get a big enough Voice pack together I'll release it to you guys so we can all have the same voice pack.
The coding is actually very simple I just need to find the right set of clips. All the voice pack we have in T2 are old so I would like to include stuff that is recent any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • How about a voicepack that just mutes you without you knowing it.
  • Please dont be like that corrosion...
    If you don't like the voice pack just don't download them, easy as that.
    Robert Have any ideas as to what clips from those show you would like?
    The only show I rarely watch is the simpsons and maybe a little futurama
    One clip I like is from the new futurama movie where bender says "stop touching my junk pervert!"
    If you guys want any clips post your ideas here. I just got off Goon heaven checking that all the fixes if made to the Fujilives voice pack worked and lots of people wanted a copy so when I'm done with all the fixes I release the Fujilives sound pack so everyone can download it.
  • btw most of the current VP have a base of soundfiles they share. so just dl one and take it from there, futurama, quake , clanthemes, ... are in most of them ;)
  • Robert I don't think that there is a tutorial just look at one of the voice packs and see how they did it. Thats what I did if you want to take a look at the code I used you can download the fujilives voice pack that I fixed and check the code.
    Download Here Those 200+ Voice clips took me about 3 hours to write the code for because I had To keep checking to make sure that You could actually see the voice commands in T2. Its actually very simple to do Just take a look at the FUJILIVES.VoicePack.cs file in the scripts folder and you should be able to pick up what I did really quick.
  • Its the voicepacks that abuse in-game sounds that piss me off.

    Having someone spam the missile incoming sound can be very irritating when you use flares thinking its real, then a real missile hits you.

    And that is just one of many.
  • all voice/ sound packs should be ridded from the game. completly useless. only voice pack i use is the tribes 1 voice pack.
  • How about a voicepack that just mutes you without you knowing it.
    lol, or makes u leave the game randomly (off-topic)

    (on-topic) make sure its menus are very well 'described'
  • And don't forget "intuitive"
  • Here are some sounds I had lying around. They aren't much, but they are a start!


    -Killa Bot aka. |DGC|
  • Don't emulate in-game sounds in GH with a voice pack, it's annoying and you might find yourself having to take five miniutes of quiet time to mull over why you shouldn't emulate in-game sounds. ;D
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