fujilives Voice PACK Fixed By {)NOOB(}

Ok guys I found the fujilives voice pack and like many other people couldn't get it to work, until I checked the script and it was all in the wrong syntax. So what I decided to do was start from scratch and write the Code so it would work with TracersDX Voice Pack script.
Well I just finished it and It looks like I got it all .
There can be some Misspellings, if there are Just let me know here.
If there is anything wrong with it Just let me know and I'll fix it.
This Voice pack isn't as great as Osiris, But it has some good clips like the holy hand Grenade from the Monty Python. Please don't start anything the only reason I decided to fix this pack was because I wanted To get it working for myself and because a couple of the TAC MOD guys have it, But they only wrote some of the clips down while I took and wrote the code for the 200+ clips in this voice pack.
If you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all.
Here Is the Download Link:
Here is a Virus scan In case you dont Trust me. Not really Necessary because its in a vl2 format, But there could be paranoid people out there.
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