So I was on the Bittah website yesterday. I think it was yesterday? But whatever, there was this dude posting demo's weekly of every demo he had for like the past 5 yrs or something like that. I thought it was pretty cool. One sentence caught me and it said that MadRabbit was the best LD in the US. I haven't been playing to long so I missed the golden days of T2
Anywho, I just wanted to know because then I can search up some demo's and learn from them maybe?


  • madrabbit wasn't the best ld in t2
    the best were myself, sterio, and homerpf from classic on
    base++ the best ld was the endless aka phoenix
  • Yeah, really IMO. I've only played a total of 5 maps since I just came back from 6yr hiatus and I'm starting to mo-down people in duels easily (although from playing Wolfenstein - ET after I left T2, that's added skill/growth now in use :P)... man ET was fun until the US/NA Comp. community died out.
  • Oh cmmon man what do you need to learn....
    I need to learn HO!
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    madrabbit wasn't the best ld in t2
    the best were myself, sterio, and homerpf from classic on
    base++ the best ld was the endless aka phoenix
    pheonix as in disembodied head?

    EDIT: My bad for two posts!
  • Very unlikely.
  • YAY!!! but its just not the same without the REAL TITLE!!! BTW I am the best...
  • All I got to say is shut up and bring it......................if you got to say it then you are not the best. I played from the start and have on and off since the Vengeance mishap. I have seen them come and go. I played with some you all probably forgot, EvilCheese is one that comes to mind. I would have to pull out some old IM lists to really give you them all.
  • If we forgot someone then he is not the best. Also, where exactly do you expect a guy to "bring it"? You don't even play on the ladder.
  • what i said in that thread was
    MadRabbit was the co-leader of Vanguard and possibly the best LD in the USA. He stopped playing competitively before classic came out, but his demos from base and base++ days are all hi quality stuff.
    proj is correct in noting that homerpf, the endless and sterIO were all of incredible ld stature. I have always thought harn played incredibly too. As for Proj himself he was definitely pretty good but his endless self-felating gets old and while he is a player of great skill, he should learn that a player without humility is never the best.
    I was implying that MR was one of the best in the US during base and ++, based only on the demos I've seen. If someone can furnish me with better base/++ LD demos from US players I'd be happy to be shown how wrong I was. That I added possibly to my quote should have been enough to stop a "who was the best" clusterfek.

    As an aside I was watching a very early classic match between R and A and saw MR playing on A.... only on that one match... anyone know why he stopped?
  • I guess if no one posted so far I will... Damn! That's a pretty nice decade(-ish) late post lol
  • MadRabbit did pretty well for USA West in this Tribes 2 World Championship match, but was no match for Team Australia

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