Script Request...

It's Simple, and I'm not even sure if there is one already, but I know from my old scripting days that midair shot/kills can be captured when it happens, and I'd like a script that can capture those 2 moments so that I can make a hud popup and a sound play. I hope that makes since. Thanks. I do some scripting...not alot...but enough. I just need a basic start to the script that grabs the commands from a midair hit and kill. I can do the rest....thanks. ;D

-Krack Shot


  • I'm pretty sure the server would have to be running one of those mods that gives you a bottom-print message when you hit an MA. I guess that's not a problem though, since Goon Haven does that, and it's basically the only server. You'd need to overwrite clientCmdBottomPrint and have the new function examine the incoming messing for whatever the MA notification message is.
    If you want it to trigger on non-MA kills, I'd do it by overwriting clientCmdChatMessage and having the new version check to see if the incoming message is a kill message, then seeing if it was a kill by you or not. ProPack has a function already made to do this, as it splits all kill messages from the standard chat box.
  • Thanks for the quick responce Kyrand. I wasn't sure if it was a server-side feature or not. Sounds as though it might be a headache to tempt lol. Thanks though.
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