Any way this can be fixed serverside with a script/package?


  • I do believe this is an issue in the engine itself.
    I'm sure somebody with more knowledge of the situation (Red Shifter, Teratos, Kryand?) could give you a more in-depth analysis of Dynamix/Garage Games failure in this respect.
  • there has got to be a solution
  • I heard RedShifter say it had something to do with the collision code in the engine. It was fixed in later versions of the Torque Game Engine.
  • It's definitely an engine problem. There are some possible "hacky" fixes that could probably resolve most deadstops, but I don't think anyone has tried to do it.
  • It is an engine issue not fully fixed until later versions of (what is now called) TGEA.

    I believe it was a mathematical issue found and corrected by Ben Garney at GG (he may not work there anymore? - he did at the time).
  • I've heard that deadstops on terrain happen far less frequently when dealing with terrain that isn't completely flat. The TWL map packs changed many of the original maps to make this happen. Fixing this on the terrain front is probably going to take making every single player download the TWL/TWL2 map packs... which is impossible. So let's just continue playing our completely flawed game instead.

    On the interior front, it basically takes not tiling a bunch of interior objects together. Coming down on the seams between the interiors will screw things up if you were at speed. See the arena map Checkmate and the CTF map Dangerous Crossing (the bridge) for an example of what NOT to do.
  • was thinking the same thing, eliminate flat terrain
    wich means map packs
  • I think the error was a divide by zero error on the angle when the ground was flat. (iirc)

    quats am I talking about? I dunno
  • That's pretty fucking sad if that's true. You can't even blame that on T2's rushed release, since the game's current engine was developed long after that.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    I know that some of the object spawn code has similar divide by zero errors that results in upside-down objects consistenty when certain object rotations are specified.

    Anyway, since I am taking such a deliberated approach to the next patch version, I may as well work on map resource transfer frameworks, especially as there is overlap with anticheat.
  • if the game was perfect would we like it as well?
  • We would like it more.
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