TAC2 Fight Night October

Here's your October reminder post.

Download the mod at http://www.tacmod.com and join us every Friday for some great teamwork based action.

Make sure you check for the latest maps here: http://www.tacmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5331

Start Time: 9PM EST
Teamspeak: VOICE-TX1.BRANZONE.COM:8770 (Pass: tac)
Server Name: D/L @ Tacmod.com


  • unable to load interior xanadu.dif

    I have all the map packs from that link but i get this.

    Where can I find that file?

  • I think you were still missing one... glad you were able to join us again afterwards :)
    To all those who didn't join us... you missed a damn good night. It's still going as of this post, but I'm guessing no one will see it in time
  • edited October 2009
    'nother one tonight?

    I hope to be there.

    EDIT: turns out I can't be there after all.
  • I hope so too... last week was pretty kick ass. Plenty of people and the server almost maxed out.
  • yeah, last night it was really godd, i´ll join today to kick some ass ;)
  • Last Fight Night of the month... come join us for some pre-Halloween action
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