New Server: Atlas' Renegades

Well i had it open for a while but certain things needed some major tweaking so I consider this the actual opening. :)

Notice: Still need to have some stress testing done and such to determine the proper player max. So join up and give your feedback.

The Basic Information

Name: Atlas' Renegades
Max Players: 28 (Subject to change.)
Bots: None
Rule Set: Renegades (Version 2.1b Official RenWerX release.)
Administrative Tools: TriCon2
Administrators: AtlasNR
Server Location: Louisiana

Renegades used to have such a huge community following it. I am still pretty astounded that there wasn't a single server today that ran it when I came back via TribesNext.

Join up and enjoy the fun of Renegades all over again!

Server Updates:

10/30/09 4:13 PM CDT : Sorry if there was any stuttering. I had forgot to swap affinity for it to prevent that. Should run smoothly now.

11/1/09 4:28 PM CST: Map rotation is being updated as we speak. I'm not sure why it would change to some really strange maps as I was almost certain I had the rotation problems ironed out.


  • What happened to all the Renegades players that lurked on these forums? I'd like to play a little for old times' sake.
  • always good to see a new server up I never played renegades in the past I might give it a try though.Good luck with your server.
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