Friday Night Pickup Game!

Above Is The TWL Link For Official Pickup Posts!

Okay, the server we played the PU on last night has been fixed and is running 100% perfectly now. Thanks to everyone that came last night to help find issues. Everyone except maybe 1 or 2 people pinged below 90 the whole time, so I say this will be a good server to host PU's on. Anyway, All the issues are fixed, admins can be made, as well as global chat works now. Just minor Config file not properly tweaked. I Say we have an official PU tonight since its friday night, and there will be alot of people online. We'll keep the PU going as long as we got players. Also, TWL/TWL2 Maps will be played.

MapPacks Link:
Get TWL-MapPack and TWL2-MapPack (I think v2.0).

Please list maps in this thread on what you want to see played. 32 Slots Available. Be there if you want to be teamed. GG's

PU Server: TdZ Elite Battlegrounds
Starting Window Time: 9:30PM-10:00PM EST
Maps: TWL/TWL2 Maps

TainT_ a.k.a Krack-Shot
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