TAC2 Fight Nights November

October was a pretty good month. The server was pretty full each week. Let's keep it up through November :D

Download the mod at http://www.tacmod.com and join us every Friday for some great teamwork based action.

Make sure you check for the latest maps here: http://www.tacmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5331

Start Time: 9PM EST
Teamspeak: VOICE-TX1.BRANZONE.COM:8770 (Pass: tac)
Server Name: D/L @ Tacmod.com


  • Friday the 13th Fight Night... tonight!
  • Ahh dammit ,it gives me cannot load catseye.dst or something like that
    I downloaded the latest version and unzipped tac into gamedata,do i need to run as a mod
    Place the unzipped folder on gamedata, open the folder, there are shortcuts to run TAC2
  • I saw only 1 dude there ,maybe its a big time difference here and there :( i stayed until 2:0 in the morning
    that happened to me 1 time lol...
    check the server more often next time, and if u see 5 or more people, JOIN THE GAME
  • Yeah, the official start time is 9PM EST, but not everyone joins right away. Many people are night owls, so they like to join at 10PM or later. We usually have 4 or so people by 9:30PM, then it grows quickly. Many people like to watch for others to join the server before they will.

    Anyway, this week, join and hang out if you can. Someone will follow you shortly I'm sure ;) If not, join up around 10PM EST or so.
  • Just because it's 'Black Friday', doesn't mean we skip a Fight Night ;)
  • I'll show if you guys do. 8)
  • Saw you trying to join. Did you d/l the mod first?
  • Saw you trying to join. Did you d/l the mod first?

    Yes I did but it's not working right I'm guessing.
  • Ok I screwed up on the shortcut set up...... I can join he server now. Just have to wait till next Friday. :D
  • Good to hear we'll be expecting you this week. =]
  • Yep, hope to see both of you ;)
  • So where have the two of you been? ;)
  • :-\ who me ?? Right here...... ;D
  • lol, missed both of you once again ;)
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