MeltDown2 game night.

All of us at the Radiant Age community are hosting a game night on December 5th, the first saturday of December. It will start and end depending on when everyone comes, but expect alot of poeple towards the evening and night. This event will take place on SoLo's MD2 server, please be there. ;)

(This is all in a mod, but poeple who know what the're doing are more than willing to help once you ask.)


  • We're thinking a couple CTF games and then possibly a round or two of DM. The servers have been consistantly having 10-15 people during peak times, so it would be nice to see more like 20-25, or more XD

    At first this mod can be very intimidating, but once you get into it, there is a lot of strategy and crazy skills to be learned. Also, like FURB said, there will be a lot of veterans and regulars on and we are more than willing to help. More than likely there will be a vent server up too, more details on that later.

    So make sure you join for a bit and give it a try =D
  • I'll be there!
  • Oooh I dunno, I'm scheduled in for a deep hair follicle cleansing session then....I'll try to work around that ;)
  • VGW ;D
    The only problem is that fight night is on my B-DAY but i will try to join :)
  • woohoo! ;D
    I ll b there,pls specify the time because there r many Players from different time zone!
    Hoping for a gr8 blast!

  • I suspect it will start picking up around 6PM and probably will go till after midnight. Eastern time zone.
  • This is happening really soon, so come and join the GROWING meltdown 2 community.

    And yes, I said growing, because there seems to be more and more people playing meltdown.
  • ill prob be there spammin my blastech armor :)
  • I'll join you
  • MD2 is my fav T2 mod. :))) ;D ;D
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