Need a team

Not sure where to post this, but I assume this is as good as any site.

I was really excited to see that T2 is still around considering how great this game is. T2 was by far my favorite game of all time (and I've been around the block)...

I was just finishing a tenure of playing css surf, gun-game, and regular for teams N1ST, Exitium, and Vindicated (the original). Before css, I played a lot of Tribes 2 for a team called Sle7en. Before I played T2, I played SOF2: DH for a team called NBK (the original).

I haven't played T2 in over 5 years, but I'm looking to get back into the game considering css's grimly turn for the worst.
If there are teams willing to seat me on their roster while I regain my mainvite talent, I'd be greatly indebted. I'd prefer to play as a flag capper, but I'm well versed in all other fields.
(I'm willing to play Base, classic, or v2. I'd prefer to compete in whichever is the largest mod @ this point)

Thank you for your time.
You can reach me by e-mailing me @ [email protected], or private message over this site.


  • Hi.. I dont know how to join a team and I wanna know how to play Tribes On This site.. Please Help me as I am New .. :-\
  • :/
    "silly nuggets tricks are for kids" aka "nugget please"
  • Glad to see some old T2 players coming back ; 8) we hope more come here too.
    If u want to be on a team (or a tribe) you can search clans here :
    But i recommend you practice some classic (classic is the most played mod now) on some servers like Goon Haven and look for pickup matches.
    Good luck on T2 anyways ;)
  • I so miss this game. The late night practice, team coordination statagey sessions, the camaraderie of a tight group of players, pubmobbing. The before scrim bongrippers that all our teammates would take when the match countdown starts. Playing on a substandard system with dial-up. ...ah, the memories.
    My satellite connection at home doesn't cut it... Manage to catch a pub game once and a while from the connection at work, but I really miss the fast moving, open ended team competative aspect of this game.
    If only I could turn back time, time, time...
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