TAC2 FIght Night December

Time for the December reminders :) Busy month, but I'm hopefully for many players. Things have picked up again lately, so come be part of the battle.
Also, PLEEAAASSEE remember to download the mod and install it before Friday, so we don't bounce so many of you ;)

Download the mod at http://www.tacmod.com and join us every Friday for some great teamwork based action.

Make sure you check for the latest maps here: http://www.tacmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5331

Start Time: 9PM EST
Teamspeak: VOICE-TX1.BRANZONE.COM:8770 (Pass: tac)
Server Name: D/L @ Tacmod.com


  • Reminder bump
  • Does this still go on?
  • I'm curious... is the TAC pickup going to happen on Christmas?

    Also, are you guys using TS3 yet?
  • Still playing... and yes, on Christmas too.
    Did know there was a TS3. I'm not sure what version we're using/supporting. It's a paid host.
  • Well, the IP of your TS server would seem to imply that it's hosted by Branzone, and Bran certainly knows about/has used TS3. I've talked to him about it. I would guess that you could get TS3 on that server if you asked. The voice quality is much better on TS3.
  • Yeah, it's hosted on branzone. NextGen pays for and handles it. I'll look into it and see about getting things done. Better voice quality would be nice ;)
  • too late to make the Jan post, but we are playing tonight (new year day)
  • I wish this site wasn't blocked at work. I'd update things more often.... tis Friday again, and we have fun waiting for you :)
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