Unhandled Exception: C0000096 At Address: 09dae414


I cannot load Tribes 2 on Windows XP compatibility. When I try to run the EXE, I get this exception even before the computer jumps to full-screen:

Unhandled Exception: C0000096
At Address: 09dae414

I can run the game on Windows 98 or 95 compatibility, but I believe it's causing the game menu to run very slow. The mouse will lock up during a load and it takes longer than it should to start up a game. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the game would run much faster in my compatibility. I've attached my DXDIAG.

And the error message (the Microsoft feedback one, "Send Error Report" "Don't Send") also has this to offer, it says that this file will be included in the report:


I have already tried everything that was in the FAQ but with no avail. It's ok to play in Windows 98, but it's a little inconvenient is all.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi
    You might try deleting every .dso file found in the folders inside the base folder. Also, your vid card settings may need to be changed somewhat. If you are in 32bit color try 16bit. As a point of interest, I have never had to run tribes or tribes2 with any compatibility mode with xp or server 2003.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    This is quite certainly a problem with the video card driver.

    From your DXdiag file, I see the line "Driver Date/Size: 2/7/2006 08:56:16", which indicates your driver is over 4 years old.

    Try updating the driver.
  • Thanks guys, but I have no .dso's, it's a clean install and my driver is as updated as can be :'(

    I guess I am stuck with it, it's okay, at least it plays!
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