Cheaters=me leaving tribes 2

Long time player of tribes2 here. Just wanted to say that ill be leaving tribes 2 for good! Cheating is common place now i see it everywhere. I predict that i wont be the only one to get fed up with cheaters using interpolate,no fog,dual packs and the list goes on.

I really hope that some time soon in the future a REAL effort to combat cheaters will be made. I was on TWL competion,goons and other servers and it was the same thing in all locations cheat cheat cheat. I simply dont have the confidence in TWL or the tribes next to justify competing when 50% or more of the players are cheating and NOTHING is being done about it.

I seen a poll that asked if interpolate should be legal in TWL, everyone (practicly) voted YES. That poll only served to show us LEGIT HONEST players that how many people actually cheat. I can not and WILL not justify investing my time into a game where people blatently cheat and vote to make cheating legal. I can not justify having to cheat to compete against others who do cheat. There for i will simply retire from this game and never look back.

And if you guys want tribes 2 to die yet again keep cheating keep abusing this game we love and you will find your left to play by yourself. Me as a 100% legit player will not stay around and be confronted by this garbage. I really hope that the tribes next dev team is listening (ya right) because you can already see the future of tribes 2 (ruined by cheaters,reduced population) i know i am but one player but how long do you people think it will be before others are fed up and sick and tired of cheaters. I know 30+ people now that utterly REFUSE to even consider playing tribes again and that number is growing rapidly!

I really hope this puts into perspective the impending future of tribes 2. If we can not make a effort to clean the trash out of this game aka cheaters then many like myself i predict will simply leave and tribes will die again and i fear FOR GOOD this time.


  • A long time player? You just registered TODAY.
  • new name other account was forgotten

    played tribes 2 since 2002 i never post on forums cuz its just ends turning into flame war between the kiddies. This post was intended as a wake up call that yet another player is fed up and leaving. It is my hope that this post will open some eyes but i lack the faith that this will happen :D
  • Rants just aren't interesting these days. They always seem to be about someone leaving, amirite?
  • Interpolate was never a cheat. You need to read up and educate yourself on what it actually does. No fog is easy to catch, and the few people using it are dealt with pretty quickly. Double-packing is a myth and the actual glitch it is based on does not do anything even remotely useful.

    In short, you are just a whiner. Good riddance to whiners. This game isn't for everyone, and we accept that.
  • See this post hasnt been up for more then 30 mins and already flamed. I was not ranting i was pointing out FACT i asumed that the meaning of this post is utterly lost on you so i do suggest you read it again and perhaps you would notice im trying to make some very major issues clear so that some one ANYONE can do something about this.

    I made this post to highten awarness of a very major problem and you come along and post somthing that has no bearing on the issue at hand. As far as im concerned if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. And your actions only serve to re enforce my point further. And this is why im leaving this game along with about 18 other people i know.

    You claim to love this game in fact everyone claims to love this game. Yet all i see is abuse both in game and on the forums and this is yet another example of that. How is it you expect to have people stay around and put up with this childish behavior. Do you honestly think for one min that your actions do any good at all? or do you just not care? are you that selfish to think your shit dont stink too?

    I hope everyone takes a good look at what eklo or what ever your name is said and it tends to drive home the point my original post is trying to make. I wish to be CLEAR when i say im NOT here to flame anyone i am here to point out major issues developing in tribes2 related to cheating and to hopfullly find mature enough people to recognize this problem and lobby for something to be done. By flaming this post and being generally rude and obnoxious you only leave me and others with the impression that you dont care and probably cheat yourself and that is why you resist what im saying. So please keep your ignorance to yourself and try to help. If you dont wish to help then why prove my point even further with the verbal diarea your spewing on the forums.
  • Calm down there little buddy. I didn't even flame you. I just pointed out the fact that all of your complaints are invalid, and as such, there is not really anything we can do for you. You believe they are valid, and no matter what anyone says you are not going to change your mind. Once again, in short, you are just a whiner, whining about things that are not actually issues. Now, you are quitting the game because of them. Gaming communities don't need people like that. And threads like this are also a pretty big problem. Just because you can't handle the game anymore doesn't mean you should convince other people to quit with you.
  • Let's put an end to this pot before it boils over.
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