First DarkMod game night!

So... Finally, DarkMod is having a game night!

The mod is finally de-bugged enough to have a real proper game night with it. We hope that you will enjoy the game night and that we will get a good number of players, because if there are 6+ people playing the mod at once, beleive me, it's MUCH better than when you play it alone or with only 2 other players.

Everyone is welcome to join, as this is the first DarkMod game night.

Here is the info about the game night (will be updated if neccesary)

Date: 7th of May (Friday)

Time: From 7 PM (GMT + 1) to I dont know when, probably as long as players will be in the server.

Game Server: RK's Dark Mod server

Game info:

There will be 6 games total. The time limit will be either 45 minutes or 30 minutes. 4 maps will be CTF, and the other 2 will be Hunters (or Team Hunters) and LakRabbit in the following order:

1. Sun Dried (LakRabbit)
2. Rasplands (Hunters/Team Hunters)
3. Blastside (CTF)
4. Katabatic (CTF)
5. RainDance (CTF)
6. Slapdash (CTF)

However, more maps will be added if a lot of people will still be in the server.

That's it! If anyone would wish to get any more info about this, feel free to ask.


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