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Tribes next isn't remembering my passoword. I click the box in the login, it doesn't take. I manually go into clientprefs.cs and change $pref::RememberPassword to 1 and the checkbox is lit when I start up Tribes. I shut down the game... $pref::RememberPassword is reset back to 0. Anyone know what is going on?


  • The game tries to store the password in a system level, rather than user level, registry key. You'll need to run the game as an administrator to have the password saved.
  • I'm having the same problem on my new machine running win7, my other pc running Vista is working fine. Can you help me it's just a nag pain in the b_ _ _ _
  • Thyth advice worked for me. Right click on TribesNext shortcut, then click on "run as administrator", then the config should remember if you have the check box clicked or not.
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    Thanks to both of you it looks like will work.
    Oops only worked a couple times then lost pw again oh well windows 7 problems?
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