Can't be emphasized enough; everybody (regardless of favorite position) should know how to farm *both* effectively and quickly.

Truth be told...the farmer is often the most unsung player who is most responsible for his/her team's success. They keep the base operational. Invos + sensors out. Their job is *not* to fight the incoming rape train, but to FARM. To FIX things (and toss repair kits to LoF/HoFs). Step into any pub, and watch for a non-noobie farmer; I am willing to wager that the enemy team will have a more difficult time against yours if there is a FULL TIME (i.e., the whole map) farmer on yours.

Even though the spike turrets are ridiculously weak and slow, put them up anyway; even though the base turrets in Classic are slow, repair them anyway.


Because even though a turret may not "kill" an enemy; they DO help wearing them down to the point where a defense can (more) easily kill them. To NOT do so says to me (an MO/HO base raper) "come on into our base and make yourself at home while you smack the shit out of us noobs)."

To which I (and every other player that I know of) replies, "Well thank you; I would love to traipse over there and spank the living dog shit out of you while you feebly try to defend your flag against our cappers."

Getting the point yet?

Nothing irritates a base raper/offensive player more than seeing turrets go down and are (quickly) repaired again. Same goes for putting out spikes, (motion + pulse) sensors, and deployable cameras...especially after we'd just blown them up.


Because as I previously stated, those deployables work to wear down our health and armors; sometimes multiple runs are needed to take down a base's defense. If we'd went through tearing down your base, but got killed in the process, to respawn and come back to a newly-farmed (and repaired base) is somewhat disheartening and....aggrevating. And we (the offensive team), have to re-start the process all over again.

In the meantime, an offensive player is being highlighted sooner (because of your deployed sensors), are shot sooner and more often (because of your spikes and repaired base turrets).

This in turn helps your team's stability as you are in a stronger position to attack the enemy as they will now be forced to react to your attacks. Note: notice the quieter side is the one that usually wins...isn't a mistake; it merely shows that the more stable defensive team is the one that is more able to deal with incoming enemies.

So the moral is to do your part and keep a lookout of when your team is not farming in pubs. If you see no such farmer, then you now know what to do. You will NOT have the highest score at the end of the game, but you will know that your efforts and actions were directly contributed to the success of your team when the match ends....because it was through you that held the team together in the first place.

You can still do your part to help your farmer out, even if you aren't the one farming. If you are HO/MO you can put out fresh invos at the beginning of every new run. LD s can make sure the MPB (if available) is deployed. Everyone can repair gens and permanent invos. For extra good a beacon near something that is repaired, so that your teammates do not have to scramble around for a working invo when they respawn.



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    3 x MISSLE TURRETS >>> all
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    Ok, I've read it.

    I try to farm a lot, I found it more interesting than beeing eg. LO. I like farming very much.
    I wont say about positive aspects, cause they're obvious :)

    So now do some complains :)

    One thing that annoys me is that, I sometimes get no support from other teammates when farming. Many enemy HO use to spam mortars or discs at my landspikes/spier clamp/sensors. More LD should patrol terrain around base, from witch enemy can spam my defensive infrastructure, many times i have to do it for myself (usually with SJ pack and light armor).

    about invs:
    Usually try place up to 4 invs, one inv should be free to deploy it in enemy base, or near it. Too few people get invs and deploy them at the start of match - bad. If you are playing in med/heavy armor, try to wear remote inv first, deploy it and then use pack with you want. Even if you place inv in bad place, it helps to reduce traffic in non-remote invs.

    about MPB:
    If you see damaged MPB, repair it ASAP, or if MPB beeing damaged, kill attacker. I'd say deployed MPB sometimes is nearly as important as a flag.

    and last thing:
    If you going to play defensive - firstly take remote inv, or other asset. Defenders got some time to use before enemies come.

    using remote inv is faster than using non remote :)
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    to make deployables usefull either you place them right in the open where god and everybody can see them because you suppose they will work best, but that results in having to tend them full time (repair or replace them after each drama), or use your head and place them where they can still do their job - but since you used your head so as to conceal them after a fashion, they are not in an area where they will draw fire because theyve been seen by an enemy or get hit by spam that you know is bound to happen

    and that is the trick to farming
  • all is about the teamwork. as stated before, you may not have the highest score, but the team is what it is about. not you. I farm a lot in Tribes 1, I know you haven't really seen me do it now, i am just getting used to T2. and boy, T2 is a lot more actiony packed. :P
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