RetroDojo - Tribes 2 Event

Hello! Seeing as Tribes 2 is no longer held up by Vivendi Games - I figured it would only be polite to announce that I've chosen TribesNext's Tribes 2 client to host a community event with. There's obviously some promotional value to this post as well, and I'm sorry if it cuts into any rules or guidelines of the forum.

First off, the sweet stuff.
The event is scheduled for July 16th @ 8:00PM (-06:00 CST).
Server IP (though it IS showing up in the server browser) is
The server is already and set up, allowing for 32 players at the moment. I'll be honest and frank when I admit that I do not know much, if anything, about hosting a Tribes server - so if anything seems out of order or something essential is missing - I can always attempt to implement recommended changes. Try to email me requests though, as I'll most likely forget that I even posted this due to the time (2AM drains my braincells...*sigh*) - sebhaeAThotmailDOTcom

Second off, what is The RetroDojo even about?
The RetroDojo is a gaming community...but not like the others. PC game developers are still selling their older titles in full form thanks to the ease of digital distribution, this creates an awkward situation when people buy games now to find their multiplayer segments either dead or in a deep coma. Providing tools to help members broadcast their nostalgic servers and events, and offering information and add-ons for server administrators, and even supporting third-party game modifications - is just one step towards bringing Retro back.
(Yeah, copypasta)

And lastly, keeping up with this.
Current events are personally hosted, using a dedicated server that I'm renting off a friend (Atlanta, I believe). To be frank and honest, at the current time this event is scheduled to be one of the last two I'm going to throw, due to lack of turn out (motive behind posting this in the first place). If the turn out is nice and robust for the Tribes 2 and Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein events, I will continue to host freebie game events in the future.

If you are interested in keeping up with the Dojo and participating in upcoming events. Then you can follow me at the following locations.
There's also a Playfire, Myspace, and Youtube; but membership is so meager that I don't even bother with the three at the moment, so the listed is preferable.

Anyways, again, I'm sorry if this breaks any rules. I just figured I'd let the developers, and fan-base know that I'm trying to organize a mass-play session of this game. I had to throw some information out regarding WHY this is going down as well, so that's about it.

Hope to see you there!
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